The Wahoo Central Chat Room with UVa Basketball Player Joe Harris

Virginia basketball player Joe Harris chats live Wednesday, Sept. 25 at 1:30 p.m.

The Cavaliers begin official practice for the 2013-14 season on Friday, Sept. 27 and host a a Meet the Team event and open house at John Paul Jones Arena on Sunday, Sept. 29 from 4-5:30 p.m.

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Wahoo Central Moderator: We're ready to go with Joe!

Matthew (Roanoke, VA): Expectations seem to be high for the team this year, with some people predicting the team to be in the pre-season top 25. How have the players reacted to these expectations and has there been more energy and buzz around campus, and with the team, regarding these expectations?
Joe Harris: We are excited and we're taking this season one day at a time, focusing on getting better each day regardless of people's expectations.

Michelle (Charlottesville): What are your personal goals this season?
Joe Harris: My personal goals are directly related to our team goals. As long as we have success, I feel I will have individual success as well.

Jenna: Joe, which teammate do you think will have a breakout season?
Joe Harris: We're excited to have Malcolm Brogdon and Anthony Gill play after they sat out last season. Otherwise, I think all of my teammates have improved following last season.

Max (Seattle): What was your favorite thing you did this summer?
Joe Harris: I went down to Virginia Beach, swam in the Atlantic Ocean, saw my first jellyfish and went to a DMB concert.

Greg (Charlottesville): What are three artists currently on your iPod getting a lot of play?
Joe Harris: Drake, Miley Cyrus and Avicii.

Justin (Charlottesville): How do you feel about the new look ACC?
Joe Harris: I'm really looking forward to playing against Syracuse, Pitt and Notre Dame. I think they're great additions to the league.

Robert (Troy): On last year's team, you were typically the primary scoring option when UVA had the ball. What do you anticipate your role being on this year's team which should feature more offensive weapons?
Joe Harris: This is the most depth and talent offensively we've had since I got here. We should have a more balanced attack.

sam (c-ville): Are you dating Taylor Swift?
Joe Harris: No, but I'm working on it. I'm trying to get her to come to a game in December.

El (Charlottesville): Besides Coach Bennett, who has played the most influential role in your career at Virginia? And what is the most important thing they have taught you?
Joe Harris: Definitely the rest of the coaching staff and Ronnie Wideman. They have prepared me on the court, but more importantly off the court on how to be a better person.

David (fairfax, va): What city/venue has been your favorite to visit?
Joe Harris: I would have to say playing in the Dean Dome in Carolina is pretty cool for a basketball junkie like myself.

Sara (Charlottesville): Joe, if you could play for any NBA team next year, which one would it be and why?
Joe Harris: If I'm fortunate enough to play in the NBA, I wouldn't be picky :).

John (Humphreys): How do you feel about your nickname, Joey Hoops, and the Joe Harris #swoon movement?
Joe Harris: I think the nickname is cool and has a nice ring to it #swoon

Megan: Joe, is there any story behind why you wear number 12? How long have you been wearing it?
Joe Harris: I've been wearing No. 12 since my freshman year in high school. My dad wore No. 12.

Murray (Charlottesville): What has been your most memorable moment as a student-athlete at the University of Virginia?
Joe Harris: Making the NCAA Tournament in 2012. Hopefully, the most memorable moment happens this season.

Stevie (Philly): What do you like best about playing for Coach Bennett?
Joe Harris: I love the way he instills toughness, soundness and respecting the game into all of his players. We share the same mindset and we'll do whatever it takes to win.

Justin Anderson Charlottsville: Buckets! Miss you buddy, see you on about 2 hours! Tell em how I dunked on you yesterday!
Joe Harris: Easy Justin. Don't be tweeting in class now.

Thomas (Richmond): Shoud I start the Seahawks defense this week in fantasy football?
Joe Harris: OBVIOUSLY. Best D in the league.

Matt (fairfax, VA): Do you have a favorite place on Grounds where you hang out/like?
Joe Harris: I like hanging out on the lawn. I have a couple of friends that live down there.

Ted(NYC): What aspect of your game have you worked on the most this off-season?
Joe Harris: I tightened up by ball handling, conditioning and finishing in traffic.

Caitlyn (Washington D.C.): Do you have any flow? like, can you rap? If so please hit us with some verses.
Joe Harris: Next question. I can't rap.

Sierra (Cville): Who's your celebrity crush?
Joe Harris: Rachel McAdams.

Doug (Randolph): What are your expectations for this season? How good can you be my man?
Joe Harris: There are a lot of reasons to be excited for this season. We have a chance to have a great year.

Terri (Madison): Looking at your upcoming schedule ...What team are you looking forward to playing against most?
Joe Harris: JMU. It's our first game of the season and we can't to play.

Andrea Cville: Hey Joe! What will you miss most about your time at UVA, particularly with the team, when you graduate?
Joe Harris: I'll miss everything. I'm cherishing each and every day this season.

Carleigh (Manassas): Has there been any particular movie or book that has influenced or inspired an aspect of your life?
Joe Harris: Yes, the movie Finding Forester. I wanted to be Jamaal.

Chuck (Charlotte): How are the freshmen (Perrantes and Hall) looking?
Joe Harris: I like them a lot. London and Devon are both great kids and they have bright futures ahead of them.

Mason & Maddox Sperryville va: Will you take a pic with us this Sunday (Meet the Team event, 4p, JPJ) and sign our basketball?
Joe Harris: Absolutely. I hope to see a lot of our fans on Sunday from 4-5:30p.
Wahoo Central Moderator: Thanks a lot fans. That's all the time we have with Joe today. Be sure to join the live chat tomorrow with Kevin Parks at 11:30a!