Facility Policies

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Scott Stadium, John Paul Jones Arena, Davenport Field, Klöckner Stadium, Lannigan Field, Memorial Gymnasium, The Park, and the University Hall Turf Field

Prohibited Items

• Artificial noisemakers
• Balls, Frisbees, and similar items
• Containers (including plastic or glass bottles, cans, coolers, or flasks)
• Food and Beverages
• Strollers (except umbrella strollers) - Prohibited at Scott Stadium Only
• Umbrellas - Prohibited at Scott Stadium Only
• Weapons

*The University of Virginia reserves the right to prohibit any item deemed hazardous or disruptive to the sports contest or the enjoyment of the contest by other guests. All bags are subject to inspection by event staff.

In order to expedite entrance into the stadium, it is recommended that guests not bring bags to games and arrive early at the facility gates.

Alcoholic beverages or containers of any kind are NOT permitted inside athletics facilities. Persons identified with alcohol will be asked to leave the premises. Intoxicated guests will be subject to removal from the facility.

Animals are not permitted in or around athletics facilities grounds, with the exception of trained service animals for our guests with disabilities.

Banners, Signs and Flags
Banners, signs and flags are allowed in athletics facilities provided they do not impede another guest's view of the competition, cover any facility signage, and/or are not attached to the facility. Banners, signs, and flags on poles or sticks are prohibited. Athletics Event Management reserves the right to remove any banner, sign, or flag that is in violation of the policy.

Cameras with lenses less than six inches are allowed, however flash photography and stands/tripods are prohibited.

Code of Conduct
University of Virginia Athletics events should be an enjoyable experience for all guests. In order to promote athletic excellence and fan enjoyment, we ask for your assistance in displaying a high degree of sportsmanship at all times.

Disability Accommodations
The University of Virginia provides accommodations for guests with disabilities at all athletics facilities. Click here for information regarding accessible seating.

Field Access Prohibited
In accordance with Atlantic Coast Conference and University of Virginia policies, guests are prohibited from coming onto the field or court at any time. Only participants, coaches, officials, and authorized personnel shall be allowed in the competition area before, during, and at the conclusion of the competition. This policy is for your safety and the safety of the officials, student-athletes, and coaches.

Gate Openings
All gates open two hours before each home football game at Scott Stadium and each home baseball game at Davenport Field.

All gates open 90 minutes before all men's and women's home basketball games at John Paul Jones Arena.

All gates open one hour before each home volleyball and wrestling match at Memorial Gymnasium, each home softball game at The Park, and each field hockey game at the University Hall Turf Field.

Gates open at least one hour before all men's and women's soccer and men's and women's lacrosse home games at Klöckner Stadium. Gates may open two hours before some home men's lacrosse games.

Guests are encouraged to check the specific sport page at for the latest information.

Charcoal grills are not permitted. Propane grills are only allowed if the propane tank is less than 5 pounds. Open flames other than grills are not permitted.

Lost and Found
Football games: Lost and Found station is located at the South Concourse behind Section 116.

Basketball games: Lost and Found station is located at the guest services desk behind Section 317.

Lost and found at all other events will be found at the main ticket entrance.

Lost and found items will be held at the above locations until the facility closes for each game. Following each game, items will be taken to the Facilities & Operations Office located in University Hall. Contact telephone is 434-982-5022.

Game day parking information for each facility can be found by clicking here.

Re-entry into Scott Stadium and John Paul Jones Arena is prohibited.

Security Checks
All guests are subject to inspection and search for prohibited items. All persons entering the facility will be subject to a visual search by stadium personnel before entering the gates. Event Staff also will examine the contents of personal handbags. Guests will be asked to open their bags to provide Event Staff the opportunity to observe the contents. If an item needs to be removed so the Event Staff member can see the remaining items in the bag, the guest will be asked to remove the item. The same procedure will be followed for items in a guest's pockets. The guest will be asked to remove the item so the staff member can observe the pocket's contents. If a guest is wearing a jacket, he/she will be asked to unzip the jacket and hold it open so that Event Staff can visually observe inside the jacket.

The University of Virginia prohibits smoking in all of its facilities, including athletics facilities. There are designated smoking areas at Scott Stadium's southwest and east gates. An outdoor smoking area is available near sections 301 and 315 of John Paul Jones Arena.

Scott Stadium Chairbacks
Chairbacks are available for game-by-game and season rentals. Single game rentals will be sold at all gates for $5 on football game days. The chairbacks do not need to be brought back to the place of purchase and can be left in the stands following the game.

Football season ticketholders may request for chairbacks to be installed in their seats for the entire season. Contact the Ticket Office at (800) 542-8821 or click here for more information regarding season chairbacks.

Throwing Objects
For the safety of student athletes, coaches, guests, and Event Staff, throwing objects in any athletics facility is prohibited. Violators are subject to removal from the facility.