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Four Men's Swimmers Win Events

Feb. 28, 1998

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. - The University of North Carolina totaled 735.5 points to win the title at the Atlantic Coast Conference men's swimming and diving championship for the sixth year in a row. The Tar Heels outdistanced second-place Virginia (690) by 45.5 points at the UVa Aquatic and Fitness Center.

Florida State finished in third place with 587.5 points and North Carolina State came in second with 502.5. Maryland (359), Clemson (298), Georgia Tech (156.5) and Duke (130) rounded out the scoring.

North Carolina did not win any events on the final day of competition, but a number of Tar Heels placed in the top three in their respective events. Tom Schmelzer came in second in the 200-yard backstroke (1:45.32), Ted Brisson was third in the 100-yard freestyle (44.47) and Scott Troy placed third in the 200-yard breaststroke (2:01.70). In addition, North Carolina's 400-yard freestyle relay team of Chris Jennings, Ed Abele, Schmelzer and Brisson had a second place finish with a time of 2:57.31.

Virginia had an outstanding final day with four swimmers winning events, but fell just short in the overall standings as it attempted to come from behind to catch North Carolina. Doak Finch captured the title in the 200-yard butterfly with an NCAA automatic qualifying time of 1:45.52. Finch, who also won the 200-yard individual medley and the 400-yard individual medley earlier this week, was honored as the ACC meet Most Valuable Swimmer.

Other event winners for the Cavaliers were Austin Ramirez, Jason Webb and D.J. Gallagher. Ramirez captured the title in the 1,650-yard freestyle with a time of 15:11.29, winning the event for the second year in a row. Ramirez also won his second event of the week, as he placed first in the 500-yard freestyle on Thursday night. Two other Virginia swimmers won the first ACC title of their careers, as Webb won the 200-yard backstroke with a time of 1:45.32 and Gallagher took first in the 200-yard breaststroke with a time of 2:01.42.

Florida State won one event on the day, with its 400-yard freestyle relay team of Julio Santos, Matt McVittie, Kevin Flanagan and Brendon Dedekind finishing with a time of 2:57.11. Clemson also had one first place finisher, with Razvan Petcu taking first in the 100-yard freestyle in a time of 43.82.

The only other event winner on the day was Maryland's Kevin Burke, who placed first in the three-meter diving wit a score of 531.85. Burke, who also won the one-meter diving on Thursday, was honored as the ACC Meet Most Valuable Diver.

1998 Atlantic Coast Conference Men's Swimming & Diving Championship
University of Virginia Aquatic & Fitness Center * Charlottesville, Va.

Results for Saturday, February 28, 1998

1650-Yard Freestyle
 1, Austin Ramirez, Virginia,                 15:11.29#. 
 2, James Grimes, Virginia,                   15:18.29#. 
 3, Mark Eberlie, North Carolina State,       15:19.29#. 
 4, Stephen Matthews, North Carolina State,   15:23.34#. 
 5, Mike Chorba, North Carolina,              15:27.54#. 
 6, Michael Fuller, Virginia,                 15:31.09#. 
 7, Richard Culberson, North Carolina State,  15:36.89#. 
 8, Kevin Pchola, North Carolina State,       15:40.30. 
 9, Bill Schultz, Florida State,              15:42.28. 
10, Randy Tyner, North Carolina State,        15:45.16. 
11, Seth Laughlin, North Carolina,            15:45.32. 
12, Ragan Williams, North Carolina State,     15:46.13. 
13, Danny Chocron, Florida State,             15:51.85. 
14, Brian Hicks, Virginia,                    15:53.19. 
15, Scot Budde, Maryland,                     15:54.75. 
16, Matt Maurer, Clemson,                     16:00.27. 

200-Yard Backstroke
 1, Jason Webb, Virginia,                      1:45.32#. 
 2, Tom Schmelzer, North Carolina,             1:47.97. 
 3, Graeme Leiser, Virginia,                   1:47.99. 
 4, Tim Collis, Clemson,                       1:49.03. 
 5, Braden Holloway, North Carolina State,     1:49.27. 
 6, Greg Mane-Baillie, Florida State,          1:49.47. 
 7, Kerwin Deese, Florida State,               1:51.17. 
 8, Trevor Runberg, North Carolina,            1:51.26. 
 9, Ryan Walker, Maryland,                     1:49.89. 
10, Mark Seidman, North Carolina,              1:50.39. 
11, Andrew Childs, Maryland,                   1:50.87. 
12, Adam Porter, Clemson,                      1:51.38. 
13, P.J. Olson, Clemson,                       1:51.75. 
14, David Tonini, Duke,                        1:52.23. 
15, Ross Clement, Florida State,               1:52.66. 
16, William York, Clemson,                     1:54.12. 

100-Yard Freestyle
 1, Razvan Petcu, Clemson,                      :43.82#. 
 2, Brendon Dedekind, Florida State,            :43.94#. 
 3, Ted Brisson, North Carolina,                :44.97. 
 4, Ed Abele, North Carolina,                   :44.62. 
 5, Matt McVittie, Florida State,               :44.74. 
 6, Julio Santos, Florida State,                :44.75. 
 7, Aaron Peterson, Maryland,                   :45.10. 
 8, Kevin Flanagan, Florida State,              :45.43. 
 9, Mike Pridemore, Clemson,                    :45.47. 
10, James Blitzer, Virginia,                    :45.93.
11, Turner Graves, Virginia,                    :46.22. 
12, Matt Childs, Maryland,                      :46.26. 
13, Phil Hardin, North Carolina State,          :46.37. 
13, Will McReynolds, Florida State,             :46.37. 
15, Darren Millin, Florida State,               :46.47. 
16, Julian Daily, Florida State,                :46.80. 

200-Yard Breaststroke
 1, D.J. Gallagher, Virginia,                  2:01.42#. 
 2, Casey Hughes, Virginia,                    2:01.66#. 
 3, Scott Troy, North Carolina,                2:01.70#. 
 4, Jason Ward, Maryland,                      2:02.05#. 
 5, Brad Kline, North Carolina,                2:02.11#. 
 6, Austin Oldham, North Carolina State,       2:02.95. 
 7, Michael Renshaw, Virginia,                 2:03.04. 
 8, Dave Slawinski, North Carolina,            2:03.60. 
 9, Brett Petersen, Florida State,             2:03.47. 
10, Scott Grayson, Maryland,                   2:03.55. 
11, Eric Fehr, North Carolina,                 2:03.72. 
12, Ethan Hall, North Carolina,                2:04.42. 
13, Brad Bowser, North Carolina State,         2:05.07. 
14, Andy Mannikko, North Carolina State,       2:05.18. 
15, Mark Rotblat, Duke,                        2:05.67. 
16, James Henley, Florida State,               2:07.00.

200-Yard Butterfly
 1, Doak Finch, Virginia,                      1:45.52&. 
 2, Shamek Pietucha, Virginia,                 1:45.94&. 
 3, Steve Parry, Florida State,                1:46.96#.
 4, Keam Ang, Florida State,                   1:48.81#. 
 5, Tucker Shade, North Carolina,              1:48.90#. 
 6, Randy Thorpe, North Carolina,              1:50.64. 
 7, Michael Fuller, Virginia,                  1:51.46. 
 8, David Weeks, North Carolina,               1:52.05. 
 9, Bank Intharapichai, North Carolina State,  1:50.53. 
10, John Dunham, Clemson,                      1:51.11. 
11, Mark Herbert, North Carolina State,        1:51.49. 
12, Mauricio Cavalcante, North Carolina State, 1:51.90. 
13, Wes Morrow, Clemson,                       1:52.07. 
14, Chris Rendall, North Carolina State,       1:52.51. 
15, Jared Felker, Virginia,                    1:52.70. 
16, Scott Ayer, Clemson,                       1:53.45.

Three-Meter Diving
 1, Kevin Burke, Maryland,                      531.85. 
 2, Andy Johnson, North Carolina State,         518.20. 
 3, Brent Burkman, Florida State,               478.25. 
 4, Glen Gonzalez, Florida State,               453.45.
 5, Kevin Cutts, North Carolina State,          442.15.
 6, Kevin Brooks, Georgia Tech,                 409.45. 
 7, Brian Cockman, North Carolina,              406.70.
 8, Andrew Cunningham, Virginia,                382.05. 
 9, Ben Nuttall, Florida State,                 371.75. 
10, Chris Anderson, Clemson,                    371.45. 
11, Andy Garrett, Clemson,                      352.05. 
12, Kevin Mangum, North Carolina,               334.70. 
13, Brendon Firestone, North Carolina State,    327.30. 
14, Matt Berens, Maryland,                      265.15. 
15, Michael O'Toole, Georgia Tech,              249.35. 

400-Yard Freestyle Relay
1, Florida State (Julio Santos, Matt McVittie, Kevin Flanagan, Brendon Dedekind), 2:57.11#. 
2, North Carolina (Chris Jennings, Ed Abele, Tom Schmelzer, Ted Brisson),         2:57.31#. 
3, Virginia (Shamek Peitucha, Doak Finch, James Blitzer, Michael Renshaw)         3:00.11#. 
4, Maryland (Ryan Walker, Andrew Childs, Matt Childs, Aaron Peterson),            3:02.61. 
5, North Carolina State (Braden Holloway, Phil Hardin, Greg Solt, Andy Mannikko)  3:03.37. 
6, Duke (Matt Lynch, Brendan McGill, Jack Newhouse, Marshal Preston)              3:07.49. 
7, Georgia Tech (Jason Williams, James Nozar, Sarkis Einarsson, Ed Brinkman)      3:09.59.

Team Scores
1, North Carolina, 735.5. 
2, Virginia, 690.0. 
3, Florida State, 587.5. 
4, North Carolina State, 502.5. 
5, Maryland, 359.0. 
6, Clemson, 298.0. 
7, Georgia Tech, 156.5. 
8, Duke, 130.0.

* Atlantic Coast Conference Record
! Atlantic Coast Conference Championship Meet Record # NCAA Division I Consideration Qualification Standard & NCAA Division I Automatic Qualification Standard




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