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Virginia-Wake Forest Post Game Quotes

Jan. 21, 2007

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Virginia Head Coach Dave Leitao

On the play of J.R. Reynolds and Sean Singletary...
J.R. and Sean in the first half were nothing short of phenomenal - making plays and shooting deep, deep threes. I thought Skip did a really good job of preparing against both of those guys - doubling a little bit more or playing off of our screen-and-roll action and just challenging them - but both of them in the first half just backed up and still made shots. When they do that it makes the game a little more simple for us.

The day was a special day for us because of him [J.R.] and the shots that he made.

On the play of Jason Cain...
It's important, as we try to gain consistency - that word I use every day - to be able to do a certain thing or make certain plays for us, and it's not necessarily making shots. It's about making plays. I thought that Jason, even as he got in early foul trouble, responded in the second half pretty well and was still active. Except for one time, when he turned down a three, I thought he took the face up shot that they left him open for. And those are the kind of things that we have to do and we have to be able to trust that he can do over the long haul.

On Wake Forest beginning the second half playing a triangle-and-two defense...
It's a respect for the two guys who scored the 37 points [Reynolds and Singletary's first-half total] and disrespect for the other guys that should be giving us more balance. And Mo and Jason did a really good job. We just continued to run our little motion sets, and through that guys found open spots. Mo made back-to-back threes and essentially - from up 2 at half time to up 8 or 10 - that's the story of the game.

On Virginia's defense against Kyle Visser...
I thought he got real deep post position at times. There were some times, early on, when we crowded him enough to get him off balance. In the second half, he missed some good looks, whether it was us or him wearing down. He got two fouls early, and I thought that disrupted his flow, too. We challenged our guys, and I thought we did a decent job of defending him with our help and with our big guys. For him, as good a scorer as he is and as good a post player, to only come up with 8 points was a credit to what we did.

Wake Forest Head Coach Skip Prosser

Coach Prosser's opening comments...
"I give credit to Virginia. Obviously Reynolds was huge and played like a big-time senior two guard. Obviously we didn't do much to sway him from playing that well. Give Virginia the credit there."

On Virginia's Reynolds and Singletary...
"Did you see the first half? Those two kids had 37 out of the 40 points. We had to try something. What we were doing with those two kids in the first half wasn't working. The theory being try to make someone else beat us and obviously Diane hit a couple, Cain hit one, but that is why we did it - they had 37 out of 40 points; those two kids. That's a gamble we took. Give Virginia credit because other kids stepped up and made shots. That's why - because of the halftime score."

On Wake Forest's ability to move the ball during the game...
"It was better, but I'll have to watch the tape. We still had 10 assists, 17 turnovers. I thought Ish's [Smith] play was steadier tonight. Singletary is a very, very, very good point guard obviously and they have that nice combination of that veteran junior point guard and big time senior two guard. That was tough for us to deal with this afternoon. I know when Singletary was a freshman and Chris [Paul] was playing for us; we had to learn some things through the process. Ish [Smith] is going through the process. Reynolds was obviously... some of the threes were like fours and not locating him early enough was a lapse of concentration. At the start of the second half, that was my decision; that's why we did it. We have to make sure we concentrate better in the first half so we don't get in that kind of a situation."

On Virginia's J.R. Reynolds...
"40 Points. I mean how much more impressive do you want to get - ten for ten from the line, six for eight from three - I'm impressed. This is probably a bad day to say this because Kyle didn't have a stellar game, but he is a guy that obviously Coach Gillen brought in and he's gotten progressively better each year. Coach Leitao and his staff have done a terrific job with him and he's done a great job himself. That's sort of the way it used to be in college basketball. Guys come in as freshman and do okay and then get better and better and better and they're horses as seniors. And obviously Vis (Kyle Visser) has been that for us, and Reynolds has been that way for Virginia. Obviously we had no answer for him."

#2 Senior G J.R. Reynolds

On team's performance...
"It was a great win. We needed this, and the team did a great job in the second half in picking up the energy."

On his individual performance...
"Well, it was great that we got the win, but I was feeling it early and I kept it going, kept believing in my shots. And my team did a great job of putting me into positions to score."

On how Wake Forest could respond to their early deficit...
"We just let our foot off of the gas pedal. We gave them a little confidence and were kind of sloppy on defense, allowing Wake Forest to run their offense. We just let them back in the game."

On half time adjustments (since Reynolds and Singletary scored all but three first half points)...
"Coach said that the other guys had to step up, and that's what happened in the second half. Wake did a great job and they came and ran a triangle and two against me and Sean (Singletary), but Mamadi (Diane) did a great job of getting us started and from there we just kept our foot on the gas pedal."

On the upcoming road game at N.C. State...
"It is going to be a big game for us and we need to come to practice tomorrow and get prepared for a great N.C. State team."

#11 Sophomore F Laurynas Mikalauskas

On his preparation for Kyle Visser...
"It was nothing really special. Last week I played against Sean Williams (of Boston College) and Tyler Hansbrough (of North Carolina). He (Visser) is a good player, but coach told me to try and make him spin to the middle and keep him off of the block and to be physical and aggressive against him."

On his performance...
"Well, we won the game, and I don't even look at the stat sheet because I don't care. It's all about what is on the scoreboard, so as long as we win the game, that's all that matters."

Wake Forest Player Quotes

#55 Senior C Kyle Visser

On Virginia's post defense...
"I think they just attacked me every time I got the ball. Everyone was digging down, and double-teaming seemed to work well for them."

On the difference between the team's first half and second half play...
"At halftime, Singletary and Reynolds had more points than we wanted them to have so we tried to adjust our defense and I think they adjusted to that change pretty well. They exploited it a little bit and knocked down some shots that got us out of it. They built a ten point lead right at the beginning and we couldn't seem to get back over that."

On any positives from tonight's game...
"I think we played harder than we have in the past, but you just have to give Virginia all the credit. They came away with the win and that's what ultimately matters."




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