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Virginia's ACC Starting Line-Ups

Following is a list of Virginia's starting line-ups since the Cavaliers joined the Atlantic Coast Conference in 1953-54.
* First-team All-ACC
First-team All-American

1953-54 (16-11, 1-4 ACC)
ACC scoring leader: Buzzy Wilkinson
FDave Cooke6-16.3 ppg
FBill Casey6-38.3 ppg
CCharles Gamble6-57.0 ppg
GBob McCarty6-215.9 ppg
GBuzzy Wilkinson*6-232.1 ppg
Top Subs:
 Austin Pearre6-36.7 ppg
 Dick Lotts6-02.7 ppg
1954-55 (14-15, 5-9 ACC)
All-time ACC season scoring average: Buzzy Wilkinson
FBob McCarty6-219.7 ppg
FCecil Underwood6-35.6 ppg
CJerry Cooper6-69.8 ppg
GBill Miller5-915.4 ppg
GBuzzy Wilkinson*6-232.1 ppg
Top Subs:
 Dick Lotts6-01.4 ppg
 Austin Pearre6-35.1 ppg
 Bob Gunderman6-31.4 ppg
1955-56 (10-17, 3-11 ACC)
FBob McCarty6-223.1 ppg
FAustin Pearre6-36.3 ppg
CJerry Cooper6-69.8 ppg
GBob Hardy6-012.6 ppg
GBill Miller5-910.2 ppg
Top Subs:
 Wistar Nelligan6-35.2 ppg
 Cecil Underwood6-35.5 ppg
1956-57 (6-19, 3-11 ACC)
FJohn Siewers6-57.1 ppg
FBill Metzger6-67.4 ppg
CHerb Busch6-819.8 ppg
GBob Hardy6-015.2 ppg
GBill Miller5-912.4 ppg
Top Subs:
 Jerry Cooper6-611.1 ppg
 Cecil Underwood6-33.5 ppg
 Dick Stobbs6-32.9 ppg
1957-58 (10-13, 6-8 ACC)
FBill Metzger6-69.8 ppg
FJohn Siewers6-59.2 ppg
CHerb Busch*6-715.9 ppg
GPaul Adkins6-014.8 ppg
GDick Stobbs6-37.8 ppg
Top Subs:
 Bob Mortell6-84.8 ppg
 Wistar Nelligan6-33.4 ppg
1958-59 (11-14, 6-8 ACC)
FBill Metzger6-69.2 ppg
FJohn Siewers6-58.2 ppg
CHerb Busch6-712.8 ppg
GPaul Adkins6-016.0 ppg
GJohn Haner6-311.4 ppg
Top Subs:
 Jay McKenzie6-015.3 ppg
 Bob Mortell6-84.2 ppg
 Walter Densmore6-56.2 ppg
1959-60 (6-18, 1-13 ACC)
FWalter Densmore6-58.3 ppg
FJohn Hamer6-411.0 ppg
CBob Mortell6-812.8 ppg
GPaul Adkins*6-017.1 ppg
GTony Laquintano5-1111.5 ppg
Top Subs:
 Ron Miller6-23.0 ppg
 Lou Farina6-12.7 ppg
1960-61 (3-23, 2-12 ACC)
FWalter Densmore6-57.2 ppg
FRon Miller6-210.2 ppg
CGene Engel6-511.1 ppg
GTony Laquintano*5-1119.8 ppg
GJohn Hasbrouck5-1011.7 ppg
Top Sub:
 Gene Flamm6-65.5 ppg
1961-62 (5-18, 2-12 ACC)
FChip Conner6-315.1 ppg
FGene Engel6-614.5 ppg
CRich Katstra6-107.1 ppg
GTony Laquintano*5-1120.4 ppg
GRon Miller6-24.0 ppg
Top Sub:
 Gene Flamm6-62.1 ppg
1962-63 (5-20, 3-11 ACC)
FGene Engel*6-618.5 ppg
FChip Conner6-317.4 ppg
CMac Caldwell6-613.0 ppg
GMike Greenburg5-104.7 ppg
GFletcher Arritt5-113.4 ppg
Top Subs:
 Steve Jarvis6-42.4 ppg
 Ken Goble6-44.2 ppg
1963-64 (8-16, 4-10 ACC)
FChip Conner*6-318.8 ppg
FMac Caldwell6-615.0 ppg
CRich Katstra6-108.1 ppg
GJay Lambiotte5-88.3 ppg
GKen Goble6-46.8 ppg
Top Subs:
 Jerry Sanders6-35.8 ppg
 Bernie Meyer6-03.5 ppg
1964-65 (7-18, 3-11 ACC)
FJerry Sanders6-311.9 ppg
FTeed Wafle6-47.6 ppg
CMac Caldwell6-616.3 ppg
GJim Connelly6-318.3 ppg
GBernie Meyer6-08.3 ppg
Top Subs:
 Bob Davis6-39.1 ppg
 Ken Goble6-33.8 ppg
1965-66 (7-15, 4-10 ACC)
FMike Katos6-415.2 ppg
FJerry Sanders6-39.5 ppg
CJohn Naponick6-97.4 ppg
GJim Connelly6-320.5 ppg
GBuddy Reams6-49.6 ppg
Top Subs:
John Schroeder6-86.3 ppg
 Fred Stant6-43.8 ppg
 Jack Lettice5-102.3 ppg
1966-67 (9-17, 4-10 ACC)
FMike Katos6-414.8 ppg
FBuddy Reams6-49.1 ppg
CNorm Carmichael6-99.1 ppg
GChip Case6-416.4 ppg
GJim Connelly*6-320.0 ppg
Top Subs:
 John Naponick6-95.6 ppg
 Gary Laws6-32.8 ppg
 John Quinn5-105.6 ppg
1967-68 (9-16, 5-9 ACC)
FMike Katos*6-418.5 ppg
FMike Wilkes6-512.0 ppg
CNorm Carmichael6-915.0 ppg
GTony Kinn6-017.8 ppg
GBarry Koval6-24.1 ppg
Top Subs:
 Chip Case6-415.0 ppg
 Gary Laws6-32.6 ppg
 Mike Eikenberry6-43.0 ppg
1968-69 (10-15, 5-9 ACC)
FMike Wilkes6-515.7 ppg
FJohn Gidding6-714.5 ppg
CNorm Carmichael6-912.8 ppg
GTony Kinn6-012.2 ppg
GKevin Kennelly5-116.2 ppg
Top Subs:
 Chip Case6-47.2 ppg
 John English6-25.3 ppg
 Bill Gerry6-74.5 ppg
1969-70 (10-15, 3-11 ACC)
FBill Gerry6-717.7 ppg
FChip Case6-416.5 ppg
CScott McCandlish6-109.5 ppg
GTim Rash6-09.5 ppg
GKevin Kennelly5-115.1 ppg
Top Subs:
 Frank DeWitt6-55.4 ppg
 John Hill6-02.8 ppg
 Chip Miller6-21.9 ppg
1970-71 (15-11, 6-8 ACC)
FBill Gerry*6-714.8 ppg
FFrank DeWitt6-57.9 ppg
CScott McCandlish6-1015.2 ppg
GBarry Parkhill*6-415.9 ppg
GTim Rash6-010.7 ppg
Top Subs:
 Jim Hobgood6-46.5 ppg
 Chip Miller6-14.4 ppg
1971-72 (21-7, 8-4 ACC)
ACC Player of the Year: Barry Parkhill
ACC Coach of the Year: Bill Gibson
FJim Hobgood6-412.2 ppg
FFrank DeWitt6-510.9 ppg
CScott McCandlish*6-1010.5 ppg
GTim Rash6-05.9 ppg
GBarry Parkhill*6-421.6 ppg
Top Subs:
 Chip Miller6-15.0 ppg
 Bob McKeag6-53.0 ppg
 Lanny Stahurski6-103.9 ppg
1972-73 (13-12, 4-8 ACC)
FJim Hobgood6-49.4 ppg
FWally Walker6-713.7 ppg
CGus Gerard6-814.8 ppg
GBarry Parkhill*6-416.8 ppg
GAl Drummond6-26.3 ppg
Top Subs:
 Bob McKeag6-55.8 ppg
 Andy Boninti6-24.0 ppg
 Steve Morris5-102.6 ppg
1973-74 (11-16, 4-8 ACC)
FWally Walker6-717.5 ppg
FBob McKeag6-68.8 ppg
CGus Gerard6-820.8 ppg
GBilly Langloh6-28.7 ppg
GAl Drummond6-16.7 ppg
Top Subs:
 Andy Boninti6-23.5 ppg
 Steve Morris5-104.6 ppg
 Brian Tully6-12.9 ppg
1974-75 (12-13, 4-8 ACC)
FWally Walker6-716.5 ppg
FDan Bonner6-78.3 ppg
CMarc Iavaroni6-910.8 ppg
GBilly Langloh6-29.8 ppg
GAndy Boninti6-28.7 ppg
Top Subs:
 Dave Koesters6-26.0 ppg
 Mark Newlen6-44.2 ppg
 Lamont Carr6-73.5 ppg
1975-76 (18-12, 4-8 ACC)
ACC tournament champions;
ACC Tournament MVP (Everett Case Award): Wally Walker
FWally Walker6-722.1 ppg
FMarc Iavaroni6-912.7 ppg
COtis Fulton6-117.1 ppg
GBilly Langloh6-214.1 ppg
GDave Koesters6-27.4 ppg
Top Subs:
 Steve Castellan6-84.7 ppg
 Bobby Stokes5-104.1 ppg
 Mark Newlen6-42.9 ppg
1976-77 (12-17, 2-10 ACC)
FMarc Iavaroni6-911.3 ppg
FMike Owens6-68.8 ppg
CSteve Castellan6-89.4 ppg
GBilly Langloh6-213.0 ppg
GBobby Stokes5-106.4 ppg
Top Subs:
 William Napper6-26.1 ppg
 Dave Koesters6-25.9 ppg
 Otis Fulton6-115.2 ppg
1977-78 (20-8, 6-6 ACC)
FMarc Iavaroni6-910.2 ppg
FMike Owens6-611.0 ppg
CSteve Castellan6-87.7 ppg
GJeff Lamp*6-617.3 ppg
GBobby Stokes5-105.6 ppg
Top Subs:
 Lee Raker6-510.6 ppg
 Dave Koesters6-35.7 ppg
 Tommy Hicks6-22.4 ppg
1978-79 (19-10, 7-5 ACC)
ACC scoring leader: Jeff Lamp
FMike Owens6-67.7 ppg
FLee Raker6-516.6 ppg
CSteve Castellan6-88.6 ppg
GJeff Lamp*6-622.9 ppg
GBobby Stokes5-107.3 ppg
Top Subs:
 Jeff Jones6-35.4 ppg
 Garland Jefferson6-35.4 ppg
 Terry Gates6-83.4 ppg
1979-80 (24-10, 7-7 ACC)
NIT Champions
ACC Rookie of the Year: Ralph Sampson
FMike Owens6-66.9 ppg
FLee Raker6-513.3 ppg
CRalph Sampson,7-414.9 ppg
GJeff Lamp*6-617.4 ppg
GJeff Jones6-36.6 ppg
Top Subs:
 Terry Gates6-82.6 ppg
 Garland Jefferson6-35.4 ppg
 Craig Robinson6-93.6 ppg
1980-81 (29-4, 13-1 ACC)
Third Place, NCAA Championships;
Eastern Regional Champions; ACC Regular Season Champions; Final Wire Service Rankings: Fifth AP, Third UPI; ACC and National Player of the Year: Ralph Sampson; ACC Coach of the Year: Terry Holland
FCraig Robinson6-95.3 ppg
FLee Raker6-511.4 ppg
CRalph Sampson*7-417.7 ppg
GJeff Lamp*6-618.2 ppg
GJeff Jones6-36.0 ppg
Top Subs:
 Terry Gates6-33.0 ppg
 Othell Wilson6-06.6 ppg
 Ricky Stokes5-102.1 ppg
1981-82 (30-4, 12-2 ACC)
Semifinalist, NCAA Mideast Regional; ACC Regular Season Co-Champion; Final Wire Service Rankings: Third in both polls; ACC, National Player of the Year: Ralph Sampson; ACC Coach of the Year: Terry Holland
FCraig Robinson6-89.7 ppg
FTim Mullen6-57.3 ppg
CRalph Sampson*7-415.8 ppg
GJeff Jones6-48.2 ppg
GOthell Wilson*6-011.4 ppg
Top Subs:
 Jim Miller6-88.0 ppg
 Ricky Stokes5-104.0 ppg
 Kenton Edelin6-73.6 ppg
1982-83 (29-5, 12-2 ACC)
Finalist, NCAA West Regional; ACC Regular Season Co-Champion; Final Wire Service Rankings: Fourth in both polls; ACC, National Player of the Year: Ralph Sampson
FCraig Robinson6-88.5 ppg
FTim Mullen6-56.9 ppg
CRalph Sampson*7-419.0 ppg
GRick Carlisle6-510.9 ppg
GOthell Wilson*6-013.6 ppg
Top Subs:
 Jim Miller6-89.6 ppg
 Ricky Stokes5-106.6 ppg
 Kenton Edelin6-72.1 ppg
1983-84 (21-12, 6-8 ACC)
Final Four, NCAA Championships; Eastern Regional Champions
FJim Miller6-810.8 ppg
FKento Edelin6-84.4 ppg
COlden Polynice6-117.7 ppg
GOthell Wilson*6-013.8 ppg
GRick Carlisle6-511.1 ppg
Top Subs:
 Ricky Stokes5-106.4 ppg
 Tom Sheehey6-97.3 ppg
 Dan Merrifield6-63.0 ppg
 Tim Mullen6-54.0 ppg
1984-85 (17-16, 3-11 ACC)
FJim Miller6-88.5 ppg
FTom Sheehey6-910.3 ppg
COlden Polynice6-1113.0 ppg
GTim Mullen6-57.3 ppg
GMel Kennedy6-57.9 ppg
Top Subs:
 Darrick Simms6-26.7 ppg
 Tom Calloway6-04.1 ppg
 Dan Merrifield6-63.0 ppg
 John Johnson5-112.7 ppg
1985-86 (19-11, 7-7 ACC)
FTom Sheehey6-910.0 ppg
FAndrew Kennedy6-79.2 ppg
COlden Polynice*6-1116.1 ppg
GTom Calloway6-07.1 ppg
GMel Kennedy6-512.0 ppg
Top Subs:
 Richard Morgan6-35.9 ppg
 John Johnson5-115.8 ppg
 Darrick Simms6-22.5 ppg
 Lance Blanks6-42.4 ppg
1986-87 (21-10, 8-6 ACC)
FAndrew Kennedy*6-716.5 ppg
FMel Kennedy6-512.1 ppg
CTom Sheehey6-911.6 ppg
GJohn Johnson5-1112.0 ppg
GRichard Morgan6-312.3 ppg
Top Subs:
 Darrick Simms6-24.0 ppg
 Bill Batts6-82.2 ppg
1987-88 (13-18, 5-9 ACC)
FMel Kennedy*6-519.2 ppg
FKenny Turner6-66.2 ppg
CBill Batts6-87.9 ppg
GJohn Johnson5-1115.6 ppg
GRichard Morgan6-310.1 ppg
Top Subs:
 John Crotty6-16.3 ppg
 Darrick Simms6-24.5 ppg
1988-89 (22-11, 9-5 ACC)
Finalist, NCAA Southeast Regional
ACC Rookie of the Year: Bryant Stith
FMatt Blundin6-76.0 ppg
FBryant Stith6-515.5 ppg
CFBrent Dabbs6-98.6 ppg
GRichard Morgan*6-320.4 ppg
GJohn Crotty6-112.9 ppg
Top Subs:
 Kenny Turner6-64.6 ppg
 Curtis Williams6-66.3 ppg
1989-90 (20-12, 6-8 ACC)
FKenny Turner6-612.2 ppg
FBryant Stith*6-520.8 ppg
CTed Jeffries6-93.5 ppg
GAnthony Oliver6-410.1 ppg
GJohn Crotty6-116.0 ppg
Top Subs:
 Matt Blundin6-73.9 ppg
 Jeff Daniel6-91.0 ppg
 Terry Kirby6-33.4 ppg
 Doug Smith6-10.6 ppg
1990-91 (21-12, 6-8 ACC)
FKenny Turner6-614.7 ppg
FBryant Stith*6-519.8 ppg
CTed Jeffries6-96.2 ppg
GAnthony Oliver6-48.7 ppg
GJohn Crotty6-115.5 ppg
Top Subs:
 Matt Blundin6-72.6 ppg
 Dirk Katstra6-61.5 ppg
 Cornel Parker6-74.0 ppg
 Doug Smith6-11.6 ppg
1991-92 (20-13, 8-8 ACC)
NIT Champions
FBryant Stith*6-520.7 ppg
FJunior Burrough6-813.2 ppg
CTed Jeffries6-95.6 ppg
GAnthony Oliver6-47.3 ppg
GCory Alexander6-111.2 ppg
Top Subs:
 Yuri Barnes6-82.0 ppg
 Cornel Parker6-75.3 ppg
 Doug Smith6-13.2 ppg
1992-93 (21-10, 9-7 ACC)
Semifinalist, NCAA East Regional
FJason Williford6-56.1 ppg
FJunior Burrough6-814.6 ppg
CTed Jeffries6-910.3 ppg
GCornel Parker6-711.0 ppg
GCory Alexander6-118.8 ppg
Top Subs:
 Yuri Barnes6-85.5 ppg
 Doug Smith6-16.6 ppg
1993-94 (18-13, 8-8 ACC)
FJason Williford6-59.8 ppg
FJunior Burrough6-815.0 ppg
CYuri Barnes6-88.5 ppg
GCornel Parker6-77.6 ppg
GHarold Deane6-112.3 ppg
Top Subs:
 Chris Alexander6-81.7 ppg
 Chris Havlicek6-50.6 ppg
 Mike Powell6-11.6 ppg
 Jamal Robinson6-67.1 ppg
 Shawn Wilson6-110.8 ppg
1994-95 (25-9, 12-4 ACC)
Finalist, NCAA Midwest Regional; ACC Regular Season Co-Champions
FJason Williford6-66.1 ppg
FJunior Burrough6-818.1 ppg
CChris Alexander6-92.5 ppg
GCory Alexander6-116.6 ppg
GHarold Deane6-116.0 ppg
Top Subs:
 Yuri Barnes6-84.4 ppg
 Norman Nolan6-82.6 ppg
 Jamal Robinson6-75.4 ppg
 Curtis Staples6-311.9 ppg
1995-96 (12-15, 6-10 ACC)
FNorman Nolan6-89.5 ppg
FCourtney Alexander6-613.9 ppg
CChris Alexander6-93.1 ppg
GCurtis Staples6-314.0 ppg
GHarold Deane6-216.7 ppg
Top Subs:
 Scott Johnson6-103.6 ppg
 Chase Metheney7-41.9 ppg
 Jamal Robinson6-77.5 ppg
1996-97 (18-13, 7-9 ACC)
FNorman Nolan6-811.3 ppg
FCourtney Alexander6-614.8 ppg
CColin Ducharme6-95.5 ppg
GCurtis Staples6-313.9 ppg
GHarold Deane6-212.9 ppg
Top Subs:
 Jamal Robinson6-75.6 ppg
 Chase Metheney7-42.4 ppg
 Willie Dersch6-52.8 ppg
 Monte Marcaccini6-51.6 ppg
1997-98 (11-19, 3-13 ACC)
FWillie Dersch6-56.5 ppg
FNorman Nolan6-821.0 ppg
CColin Ducharme6-97.8 ppg
GCurtis Staples6-318.1 ppg
GDonald Hand5-114.7 ppg
Top Subs:
 Chezley Watson6-22.2 ppg
 Monte Marcaccini6-52.0 ppg
 Kris Hunter6-102.0 ppg
 Chase Metheney7-42.3 ppg
1998-99 (14-16, 4-12 ACC)
ACC Rookie of the Year: Chris Williams
FWillie Dersch6-610.2 ppg
FChris Williams6-616.8 ppg
CKris Hunter6-115.4 ppg
GDonald Hand5-1117.1 ppg
GChezley Watson6-28.3 ppg
Top Subs:
 Adam Hall6-510.8 ppg
 Josh Hare6-23.6 ppg
1999-00 (19-12, 9-7 ACC)
FWillie Dersch6-63.9 ppg
FChris Williams6-715.5 ppg
CTravis Watson6-711.4 ppg
GDonald Hand5-1115.0 ppg
GAdam Hall6-510.1 ppg
Top Subs:
 Stephane Dondon6-83.4 ppg
 Keith Friel6-45.8 ppg
 Majestic Mapp6-25.3 ppg
 Roger Mason6-57.6 ppg
2000-01 (20-9, 9-7 ACC)
FAdam Hall6-510.1 ppg
FChris Williams6-714.5 ppg
CTravis Watson6-812.3 ppg
GDonald Hand5-1112.6 ppg
GRoger Mason, Jr.6-515.7 ppg
Top Subs:
 Stephane Dondon6-94.6 ppg
 Keith Friel6-48.4 ppg
 J.C. Mathis6-83.4 ppg
 Maurice Young6-42.6 ppg
2001-02 (17-12, 7-9 ACC)
FJ.C. Mathis6-84.9 ppg
FChris Williams6-714.0 ppg
CTravis Watson6-814.1 ppg
GRoger Mason, Jr.6-518.6 ppg
GAdam Hall6-59.7 ppg
Top Subs:
 Elton Brown6-97.6 ppg
 Jason Clark6-83.7 ppg
 Jermaine Harper6-35.8 ppg
 Keith Jenifer6-34.0 ppg
2002-03 (16-16, 6-10 ACC)
FElton Brown6-99.6 ppg
FDevin Smith6-511.6 ppg
CTravis Watson6-814.3 ppg
GTodd Billet6-013.5 ppg
GDerrick Byars6-76.5 ppg
Top Subs:
 Jason Clark6-84.7 ppg
 Jermaine Harper6-33.9 ppg
 Majestic Mapp6-22.4 ppg
 Nick Vander Laan6-105.3 ppg
2003-04 (18-13, 6-10 ACC)
FElton Brown6-914.8 ppg
FJason Clark6-84.5 ppg
GT.J. Bannister5-10.53.6 ppg
GTodd Billet6-09.9 ppg
GJ.R. Reynolds6-2.59.4 ppg
Top Subs:
 Derrick Byars6-77.5 ppg
 Gary Forbes6-67.6 ppg
 Donte Minter6-7.55.6 ppg
 Devin Smith6-512.2 ppg
2004-05 (14-15, 4-12 ACC)
CElton Brown6-912.8 ppg
FDevin Smith6-516.5 ppg
GT.J. Bannister5-10.54.3 ppg
GSean Singletary6-010.5 ppg
GJ.R. Reynolds6-2.510.7 ppg
Top Subs:
 Gary Forbes6-69.4 ppg
 Adrian Joseph6-74.2 ppg
 Jason Cain6-102.6 ppg
2005-06 (15-15, 7-9 ACC)
FJason Cain6-107.4 ppg
FAdrian Joseph6-79.4 ppg
CTunji Soroye6-111.8 ppg
GJ.R. Reynolds6-2.517.0 ppg
GSean Singletary*6-017.7 ppg
Top Subs:
 T.J. Bannister5-10.52.1 ppg
 Billy Campbell6-01.3 ppg
 Mamadi Diane6-56.0 ppg
 L. Mikalauskas6-86.2 ppg
2006-07 (21-11, 11-5 ACC)
ACC Regular Season Co-Champions
ACC Coach of the Year: Dave Leitao
FJason Cain6-106.8 ppg
FMamadi Diane6-59.6 ppg
CTunji Soroye6-112.1 ppg
GJ.R. Reynolds6-2.518.4 ppg
GSean Singletary*6-019.0 ppg
Top Subs:
 Will Harris6-63.6 ppg
 Adrian Joseph6-77.2 ppg
 L. Mikalauskas6-83.7 ppg
 Ryan Pettinella6-82.8 ppg
 Jamil Tucker6-83.4 ppg
2007-08 (17-16, 5-11 ACC)
FAdrian Joseph6-79.9 ppg
FMike Scott6-85.7 ppg
GFMamadi Diane6-511.8 ppg
GJeff Jones6-44.8 ppg
GSean Singletary*6-019.8 ppg
Top Subs:
 Calvin Baker6-28.6 ppg
 Jerome Meyinsse6-81.9 ppg
 L. Mikalauskas6-87.1 ppg
 Ryan Pettinella6-92.6 ppg
 Jamil Tucker6-85.2 ppg
2008-09 (10-18, 4-12 ACC)
ACC Rookie of the Year: Sylven Landesberg
FMike Scott6-810.3 ppg
CAssane Sene7-02.5 ppg
GS.Landesberg6-616.6 ppg
GCalvin Baker6-28.4 ppg
GJeff Jones6-46.5 ppg
Top Subs:
 Sammy Zeglinski6-07.8 ppg
 Jamil Tucker6-97.4 ppg
 Mamadi Diane6-56.0 ppg
 M. Farrakhan6-44.3 ppg
 Tunji Soroye6-111.8 ppg
 Solomon Tat6-50.6 ppg
2009-10 (15-16, 5-11 ACC)
Skip Prosser Award: Jerome Meyinsse
FMike Scott6-812.0 ppg
FCJerome Meyinsse6-96.5 ppg
GJontel Evans5-112.4 ppg
GS. Landesberg6-617.3 ppg
GSammy Zeglinski6-08.9 ppg
Top Subs:
 Calvin Baker6-23.0 ppg
 M. Farrakhan6-46.5 ppg
 Jeff Jones6-47.3 ppg
 Assane Sene7-01.6 ppg
 Will Sherrill6-93.0 ppg
2010-11 (16-15, 7-9 ACC)
CAssane Sene7-05.1 ppg
GJontel Evans5-115.7 ppg
GMustapha Farrakhan6-413.5 ppg
GJoe Harris6-610.4 ppg
GSammy Zeglinski6-17.8 ppg
FMike Scott6-815.9 ppg (Played in only 10 games due to injury)
Top Subs:
 KT Harrell6-48.0 ppg
 Akil Mitchell6-82.4 ppg
 Will Sherrill6-94.3 ppg
2011-12 (22-10, 9-7 ACC)
FMike Scott*6-818 ppg
FAkil Mitchell6-84.1 ppg
GJontel Evans5-117.3 ppg
GJoe Harris6-611.3 ppg
GSammy Zeglinski6-18.6 ppg
Top Subs:
 M. Brogdon6-56.7 ppg
 Paul Jesperson6-61.5 ppg
 Darion Atkins6-82.3 ppg
2012-13 (23-12, 11-7 ACC)
FAkil Mitchell6-813.1 ppg
FJustin Anderson6-67.6 ppg
GJontel Evans5-114.2 ppg
GJoe Harris*6-616.3 ppg
GPaul Jesperson6-64.7 ppg
Top Subs:
 Mike Tobey6-116.8 ppg
 Evan Nolte6-85.7 ppg
 Darion Atkins6-84.7 ppg
 Taylor Barnette6-32.6 ppg
 Teven Jones6-02.9 ppg
2013-14 (30-7, 16-2 ACC)
FAkil Mitchell6-86.8 ppg
CMike Tobey6-116.4 ppg
GJoe Harris6-612.0 ppg
GMalcolm Brogdon*6-512.7 ppg
GLondon Perrantes6-25.5 ppg
Top Subs:
 Justin Anderson6-67.8 ppg
 Anthony Gill6-88.6 ppg
 Darion Atkins6-83.0 ppg
 Evan Nolte6-82.8 ppg
2014-15 (30-4, 16-2 ACC)
FJustin Anderson6-612.2 ppg
FAnthony Gill6-811.6 ppg
FDarion Atkins6-87.6 ppg
GMalcolm Brogdon*6-514.0 ppg
GLondon Perrantes6-26.4 ppg
Top Subs:
 Mike Tobey7-06.9 ppg
 Marial Shayok6-53.8 ppg
 Evan Nolte6-83.1 ppg
 Devon Hall6-51.8 ppg
 Isaiah Wilkins6-71.6 ppg
2015-16 (29-8, 13-5 ACC)
FAnthony Gilll6-813.8 ppg
FIsaiah Wilkins6-74.6 ppg
GLondon Perrantes6-211.0 ppg
GMalcolm Brogdon*6-518.2 ppg
GDevon Hall6-54.4 ppg
Top Subs:
 Mike Tobey7-07.3 ppg
 Marial Shayok6-54.3 ppg
 Darius Thompson6-44.3 ppg
2016-17 (23-11, 11-7 ACC)
FIsaiah Wilkins6-76.8 ppg
CJack Salt6-113.7ppg
GLondon Perrantes6-212.7 ppg
GDevon Hall6-58.4 ppg
GMarial Shayok6-58.9ppg
Top Subs:
 Kyle Guy6-37.5 ppg
 Darius Thompson6-46.2 ppg
 Ty Jerome6-54.3 ppg
 Mamadi Diakite6-93.8 ppg


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Jeff White
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Spring Football Notebook
As part of the inaugural Wahoowa Weekend, spring football concludes for the Cavaliers with an open practice April 28 at Scott Stadium.
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Women's Basketball
The mood was celebratory Wednesday afternoon at John Paul Jones Arena, where Tina Thompson was introduced as UVA's women's basketball coach.
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Healthy again after battling back problems for much of 2017, Thomas Walsh enters this weekend's ACC tournament in good form.

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