Games Played/Started Records

Most Games Played

Career 134Ricky Stokes 1981-84
Season34by many players

Most Games Started

Career128Ralph Sampson1980-83
Bryant Stith1989-92
Season34Jeff Lamp1979-80
Jeff Jones1981-82
Tim Mullen1981-82
Craig Robinson1981-82
Othell Wilson1982-83
Harold Deane1994-95
*Blocks were not kept before the 1975-76 season.
†Turnovers were not kept before the 1970-71 season.

Season Games Played

1.Terry Gates1979-8034
Jeff Jones1979-80, 1981-8234
Jeff Lamp1979-8034
Ralph Sampson1979-8034
Kenton Edelin1981-82, 1982-8334
Tim Mullen1981-8234
Craig Robinson1981-8234
Ricky Stokes1981-82, 1982-8334
Rick Carlisle1982-8334
Othell Wilson1982-8334
Chris Alexander1994-9534
Junior Burrough1994-9534
Harold Deane1994-9534
Jamal Robinson1994-9534
Curtis Staples1994-9534
Jason Williford1994-9534

Career Games Played

1.Ricky Stokes1981-84134
2.Ralph Sampson1980-83132
Jim Miller1982-85132
4.Bryant Stith1989-92131
5.Jeff Jones1979-82129
Craig Robinson1980-83129
John Crotty1988-91129
Kenny Turner1988-91129
Ted Jeffries1990-93129