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Virginia vs. Wyoming - Postgame Quotes

Sept. 9, 2006

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Virginia Head Coach Al Groh:

"That game right there is the kind of game we've been trying to get here for six years. That is, get our defense playing so that we can win a game on defense. That was a terrific job by the defense. Those guys were resilient, resourceful and hung in there under every circumstance."

On his thoughts heading into the final extra point attempt by Wyoming:
"There's not really much I can do about that kick so I was trying as you do often in the game, to get a couple of plays of ahead."

On winning the game on an opponent's missed extra point:
"I was lucky enough to be part of a team to win the Super Bowl on a kick (XXV as an assistant with the Giants) on the last play of the game that went wide right. This one felt almost as good."

On today's special team's effort:
"Last week only one of the six units did anything to give our team a chance to win. And that was the field goal team. Now that team regressed a little today, but our kick off coverage was good. Our punt coverage was much improved and that was a big factor and then Chris did a nice job of punting the ball for distance. That's three out of six that stood out pretty good today, so that's an improvement from one out of six."

On Kevin McCabe's touchdown pass:
The throw was everything it had to be. It was right on the spot against that coverage with that route. Kevin did a real good job. Both Kevins. Kevin Ogletree was in the spot the quarterback expected him to be. Kevin McCabe through the ball to the spot."

On Kevin Olgetree's 10-catch, 95-yard performance:
"He made catches under duress and did a good job with it."

On Kevin McCabe's overall performance:
"He had good ball movement out there. He had his rough moments out there. He miscalled a couple formations, but any guy would. One of the characteristics of a team that is going to do anything is resilience and your quarterback has to be the most resilient. Probably the best characteristic that he showed wasn't the ball in the air, but the resilience he showed in coming back from some other circumstances that he found himself in."



On the importance of the team getting it's first win of the season:
"It's very positive and that was apparent by our player's happiness in the locker room."

On the quarterback situation:
"That is something we will address in here. We are not going down that road. When we decide each week who our quarterback will be. The quarterback will know first. The team will know second. Everyone else will know third."

On Chris Olsen:
"We didn't get enough drives going there. We made sure to tell Chris that we weren't down on him we just thought at that particular time to try to see if something different might work. So that's what we did for the moment."

On Jason Snelling's injury:
Jason sprained his ankle a little bit last week. Jason's a very important player to this team. We just decided that what we didn't want to happen was to be sitting around in December and say, 'Jason sprained his ankle during the first and really hasn't had his juice all year.' We just had to have to the discipline to face the reality of things and hold him out here today."

Virginia Junior FB Josh Zidenberg:

On the blocked punt:
"It was something I was expecting. Coach told us to expect to come free and the two plays before that I was getting close. This time it just happened. It was great feeling."

Virginia Sophomore Receiver Kevin Ogletree:

On his touchdown reception in overtime:
"They called a play where the coverage allowed me to be the first option, and I just ran the route we had been practicing all week and there it was."

Virginia Senior Cornerback Marcus Hamilton:

On his interception:
"I was in the right position at the right time."

On the missed extra point in overtime:
"I went for the block and I was on the ground, and then I heard cheering, and that was when I realized he had missed it."

Virginia Junior Quarterback Kevin McCabe:

On his thoughts when first entering the game:
"I was just trying to go out there and play within the offense."

On the touchdown pass in overtime:
"We ran that play at the end of the fourth quarter, and Kevin Ogletree said the defender was in position where we could hit one. He lined up the same way the first play, and I didn't want to force anything, but when you have a chance, you got to take it."

Virginia Sophomore Linebacker Jon Copper:

On his individual performance:
"Well, I had been really sick all week, and I had a lot of people praying for me over the last 24 hours, so I feel really blessed to have been able to give this kind of performance."

On if he felt the defense had to help carry the offense:
"This is a team game, and it was a good win with good plays on both sides of the ball."

Virginia Junior Place Kicker/Punter Chris Gould:

On his kicking performance:
"Obviously I was disappointed with my field goals, but I did kickoffs and punts pretty well. I thought I hit the 48 yard field goal pretty well, but it hit the upright, and that is just one of those unfortunate things."

On the Wyoming place kicker, and the missed extra point:
"I sure he was thinking 'unbelievable, how did I do that.' But he is a true freshman, he'll have his glory one day, and I wish him the best of luck and am sure he'll get a lot better."

Wyoming Head Coach JOE GLENN:

On PK-Aric Goodman's missed extra point at the end of the 1st overtime:
"Well, he'll win a lot of games for us before it's all said and done. He out-kicked their guy all day long; he was 2-for-2 and their guy was 2-for-4 and had a chance to win it and couldn't. It's just a shame we missed a three-inch putt at the [end]. You know, I'm his coach, so I have to take a little blame, I guess. He left it right, didn't square his hips up. He gets a little lazy once in a while squaring his hips up, getting through the ball. He left his right hip open."

On whether Goodman will keep his job:
"We'll see. We've got another good kicker, and if he's healthy, we'll work them both like any other position. ... You've got to make those kicks. He sure did a good job on his other ones. It's too bad it had to come down to that."

On his postgame message to the team:
"We already talked about it. You know, we lost a hard-fought game. I told them, 'You played so hard for so long. You gave it everything you had. We're putting this one behind us, and we've got a tough game coming up.' If you saw the running back from Boise State, he's a great runner. So, yeah, this one's behind us. I think the kids feel proud of the way they played. You know, we're a long way from home. Under the circumstances, I thought we gave it the old college try and came up one point short. What a difference one point makes."

On Wynel Seldon's fumble at the goal line:
"I thought it was a touchdown. I couldn't see it, but I felt like Wynel went up and touched the line with the ball. ... He touched the line with the ball. It's supposed to be a touchdown, isn't it?"

On Wyoming's fake punts:
"We actually give it to John [Wendling]. It's a deal where we go out and if it's there, we take it. John Wendling is a star. We had it ready. We worked it in practice, and if it's ready, take it. And then for the kids to run block and execute like that, hats off to them."

On Chris Sundberg's touchdown reception:
"He bodied up really good, got himself into position. It didn't open up like we hoped. We take isolation in there and hopefully the linebacker will step up and we throw the pop pass over him. The linebacker didn't really come up that much. Now, instead, you've got to make a play. It turned into driveway basketball. Jake [Doss] made a great throw and [Sundberg] made a great catch."

On the difference between Virginia's quarterbacks:
"I don't know. They scored six points. [McCabe] threw the ball a little bit better."

On McCabe's touchdown pass:
"That was a great play. He threw a nice shot, got it in there. Dorsey [Golston] just about got it, he should have been a little more in coverage. Give him credit because he made a real good play."

On bouncing back for the next game, Sept. 16 vs. Boise State:
"We didn't embarrass ourselves here, a couple of thousand miles away. We played our hearts out and got beat by one point. So, I think we feel pretty good about ourselves. We beat a team pretty good at home last week, now we're home again for two straight games - get a little run going at home. This is a pretty good team right here. They beat Florida State last year [and] beat Minnesota in the bowl game. It wasn't that long ago. These guys have a lot of good players on their team, and we took them toe-to-toe into overtime and lost by one point. That doesn't make us a bad team. I'm so proud of our guys. I think we build on it."

Wyoming Senior Safety JOHN WENDLING:

On choosing to fake the second punt:
"Coach gave me a look and if we get this look we go with it. It probably wasn't the smartest thing to do but it worked and we went with it. "

On the second faked punt:
"It was tough. It was a long yardage situation, fourth and twelve, and they came out in the exact same look. It took me longer than the first one because I probably thought about it too much."

On the hard loss:
"We're a little down but we're a heck of a football team to stick with an ACC team like Virginia. We're fairly positive and excited about next week's football game. Our defense is looking forward to proving ourselves against that quarterback."

"It's tough, but we have got to learn from it and build on it. We have great potential for the season."

Wyoming Junior Quarterback JACOB DOSS:

On the missed extra point in OT:
"That is a lot of pressure put on a young guy like that. This is football, it happens. Aric, he'll be fine, he's going to win some games for us, I guarantee that."

"He was by himself but at first you think, 'did that really just happen?', but then it sets in and you can only feel for him. The leaders had to get his confidence back up. He's a heck of a kicker, an All-American in high school and he'll be fine."

On offensive struggles:
"Their defense is really good, I wouldn't say we struggled. We're young, we lost our starting center, and we had to switch a guy to center and put a young kid in. He played his heart out, he's awesome (Russ Arnold - guard)."

Wyoming Sophomore Tight End CHRIS SUNDBERG:

On catching the touchdown pass in OT:
"It wasn't intended for me. I was elated for about 15 seconds, then I was deflated right after that. I was so excited that our team had a chance to go into OT again. I was pretty sure we'd be back on the field but it didn't go through the uprights and that's just the way it goes, and we can't do much about that."


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