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Oct. 15, 2005

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Florida State Head Coach Bobby Bowden:

"We couldn't stop number 18 (Marques Hagans). I've never seen a quarterback make as many one-man plays as he made tonight. Then our penalties - I think we had a touchdown called back - were our big problem. We couldn't stop that dadgum number 18. And their field goal kicker, he was good. I think you could have backed him up another 15 yards, and he would have still made them. ... I don't have a lot to say. All I want to say, you can't print."

(On Virginia's defense)
"We probably gained enough yardage. ... What they did was just about what I thought they'd probably do, and that was back everybody off, put on a controlled rush, and make the quarterback throw good enough to beat them. Without penalties, (Drew Weatherford) did."

(On FSU's decision to punt with 5:21 left in the game)
"We were going to go for that. Somebody yelled out, `punt team.' I don't know who it was. We probably needed to go ahead (and go for it).

"Al Groh, you've got to give him credit. I kept waiting for him to quit throwing. When's he going to quit throwing? When's he going to quit making that quarterback throw? When's he going to hand off the ball, and somebody's going to run? Al wouldn't do it because the kid was as hot as a firecracker."

"I've never seen a quarterback ... beat us with a one-man show. ... The last time that's happened to us was Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl -- J.C. Watts. Watts did it in about 30 minutes. This guy did it the whole game.

(On FSU's 59 passing attempts)
Well, we were fighting the clock as well as the score. We needed two scores, and you felt like we needed a big play somewhere along the line. We got it on one of those drives. We needed one more. Every time we'd run the ball, we'd get five yards, but we needed more than that.



Virginia Head Coach Al Groh:

(Keeping Florida State off-balance)
We were able to do it by how we set the plan up, and how we decided to call the game. Once it was on the sheet, we decided we were going to stay bold and we were going to stay aggressive.

Marques (Hagans) was fantastic tonight. Incredible playmaking out there. The plays he created on his own after the play broke down - he did a fantastic job. There probably haven't been too many games played by a Virginia quarterback too much better than that. This kid has a lot of tremendous attributes, and guts is high up on the list.

(On the defense)
We always say that the only thing the defense is out there for is not to give up a lot of points, and they certainly did a good job of that. Florida State had us on our heels with a couple of those drives, but the kids really bucked up at the end of the drive and took points away from them.

It's a good win for us, but it's important for us to remember that each week is its own week, each game is its own game, and we have another challenge coming up next week. If we're not successful with that then all of a sudden this win will seem very hollow.

(On using the tight end)
Tight ends around here have been pretty important producers for us. We had gotten good vertical catches out of them going into this game, but not the frequency of catches that we've had in the past. Part of what we wanted to do today was get back to that somewhat. There was nothing tricky. They were patterns that we've run here for sometime, but we wanted to put greater emphasis on that.


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