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Scott Stadium Expansion Update

July 7, 2000

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    During June we saw the completion of all of the structural elements of the project from the North Wings to the Parking Garage. Also, the HVAC, water, sprinkler, fire alarm and lighting systems were continuing in all spaces with finish work now being the major effort throughout the interior spaces.

    The site work, including the fencing and gate structures, is nearing completion and some of the landscaping preparation work and ground cover will commence in July. The major portion of the landscaping will not be installed until the weather cools down in the fall. Some will be in place for the last home game on 18 November.

    There has been a significant increase in the amount of questions being asked about the Project and what new facilities will be included for the opening this September. Many of these questions have been asked during the various tours on site so this UPDATE contains some of the statistics we are asked about most often. Also included are some construction facts which may be of interest to those in the Engineering, Architectural or Construction fields.


                                      Old            New
    Total Capacity                 45,000         61,500
    Luxury Suites                       0             44
    President's Box Seats             132            360
    President's Box Lounge  2,500 sq. ft.  8,000 sq. ft.
    Press Box               3,500 sq. ft.  8,000 sq. ft.
    Press Box (Working Press)70 Positions  128 Positions
    Concession stands                   8             25
    Women's Toilets                   100            461
    Men's Toilets                     184            414
    Field Light Towers        120 ft high   180 ft. high
    Television sets                    20            232


                                      Old            New
    Total Sq. Ft.                  30,000         60,000
    Home team locker room   1,703 sq. ft.  3,630 sq. ft.
    Visitor locker room     1,273 sq. ft.  1,750 sq. ft.
    New Football museum                 0  3,800 sq. ft.

    (Bryant Hall Level II)

  • Bryant Hall Level II (Occupants) Ticketing, VSAF, Development, Tutoring, Marketing, Career Services, Recruit Dining Area, Alumni Room.

    PERGOLA (pur'ga-la)

  • 72 columns each weighing 18,000 pounds
  • 18 feet high
  • 144,000 brick pavers in the plaza


  • 44 South End Zone
  • 8 @750 Sq. Ft., 20 seats
  • 36 @675 Sq. Ft., 16 seats


  • 600 Parking spaces (net gain of 250)
  • 3 Levels of parking
  • 456 Pieces of structural precast concrete
  • 62 Caissons supporting garage structure


  • 54,054 Trees, shrubs, and ground cover plants


  • 760,000 bricks
  • 127,000 concrete blocks
  • 8,500 yards of precast concrete
  • 22,500 yards of cast in place concrete
  • 49 miles of telephone wire
  • 25 miles of electrical wire
  • 760,000 individual LED's (small light bulbs) in HooVision screen
  • 172 caissons support new stadium (some as deep as 70 feet)
  • Over 1000 pieces of new furniture
  • Over 1,000,000 man hours on the job by September 2000
  • $86 million total cost for project


  • The first monthly edition of the Facilities Management Update was distributed to 16 interested parties. The continuing requests for copies has taken the distribution to its current level of 330 copies per month.

  • The trailer compound where the UVA/CM/A&E staffs (Directorate) are located has been the hub of all project administrative activities. By 2 September 2000, over 1180 formal meetings, including programming, design, contract, finance, and construction meetings ranging from 30 minutes to 7-1/2 hours will have been held in the conference rooms.



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