Head Coach Al Groh Quotes


Virginia vs. North Carolina
Oct. 18, 2008
Head Coach Al Groh Quotes

On the “team” win:

“That was an awesome win for our team and I’m tremendously proud of our players and I’m happy for them that they got a chance to celebrate the way they did. Every team throughout the course of the year has go to find its identity. We clearly think over the last three weeks we’re starting to find our identity, which is a tough-minded, stick together, purposeful team with a lot of resolve. There’s a lot of trust and unity on the team.”

On players stepping up
“A lot of things we think are important showed up today. One is the next man up.’  We took two hits right in the first series with a couple of our best players, Antonio Appleby and Ras-I Dowling, going out. For Darren Childs, Mike Parker and Chase Minnifield to step up the way they did against a quality program was just awesome. We’re proud of those guys for being true to the character of the team.”

On the two-minute drive
“We talk about being at our best at the end of the game and we certainly were. Marc Verica did a great job on the two-minute drive. It’s something we practice a great deal and we did what we’re supposed to do. Great poise there and some kids came up with some terrific catches and that series was obviously very appropriately called.”

On Tailback Cedric Peerman
“The two runs Cedric made to get it in there typifies who he is and what he means to this team.”

On the game:
“It was a gritty game a very physical game against a quality opponent. We could see why they had the record they had coming into the game. They did a great job today but fortunately we had our best at the end.”

On receiving the game ball from captain Cedric Peerman:
“It will be something I’ll cherish for a long time. When somebody like Cedric Peerman wants to do that, not only him individually, but as a representative and captain of the character and heart of the team, it’s very meaningful and very appreciated.”

On the Cavalier defense:
“They were fantastic today.  They kept us in there the whole time. After that first series, it was all we could do for a while to hold it together but some guys made some terrific plays for us. The defense understood the plan and understood the importance of taking a great player like Hakeem Nicks and keep his production down. He’s the engine that has pulled that train for a lot of points and our players did a great job with that.”