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Most Solo Tackles
Most Assisted Tackles
Fumbles Recovered
Fumbles Caused
Career Tackles Leaders
Season Tackles Leaders
Annual Tackles Leader

Most Tackles
Career435Jamie Sharper1993-96
Season155Angelo Crowell2002
Game24Stuart Anderson vs. NC State1979

Most Solo Tackles
Career295Jamie Sharper1993-96
Season98Randy Neal1993
Game16Phil Thomas vs. North Carolina1987
  Randy Neal vs. Clemson1993

Most Assisted Tackles
Career224Stuart Anderson1978-81
Season94Keith Lee1981
Game14Anthony Poindexter vs. Virginia Tech1996

Fumbles Recovered
Career7Anthony Poindexter1995-98
Season4Jamie Sharper1996
Game2Bryan Shumock vs. Richmond1979
  Scott Matheson vs. VMI1985
  Phil Thomas vs. Georgia Tech1988
  Mike Frederick vs. NC State1993
  Anthony Poindexter vs. Georgia Tech1997
  Anthony Poindexter vs. Duke1998
  Jermaine Hardy vs. South Carolina2002

Fumbles Caused
Career11Stuart Anderson1978-81
Season5Stuart Anderson1979
  Tony Blount1979
  Merrill Robertson2002
  Vic Hall*2008
Game2Tom Kilgannon vs. Navy1984
  Rayotis Perkins vs. Soouth Carolina1986
  Ron Carey vs. Georgia Tech1988
  Tyrone Lewis vs. North Carolina1988
  Patrick Kerney vs. Clemson1997
  Wale Elegbe vs. Georgia Tech1997
  Ljubomir Stamenich vs. NC State1999
  Merrill Robertson vs. Penn State2002

Career Tackle Leaders
1.Jamie SharperLB1993-96435295140
2.Charles McDanielLB1982-85432216216
3.Angelo CrowellLB1999-02420256164
4.Byron ThweattLB1997-00387246141
5.James FarriorLB1993-96381252129
6.Steve GreerLB2009-12376155221
7.Russ SwanLB1982-85373181192
8.Randy NealLB1991-94367248119
9.Stuart AndersonDL/LB1978-81354130224
10.Wali RainerLB1995-98347201146
11.Anthony PoindexterS1995-98342167175
12.P.J. KillianLB1990-9331621997
13.Phil ThomasLB1986-8930621096
14.Ray SavageLB/DE1986-89302159143
15.Jon CopperLB2005-08301157144

Season Tackle Leaders
1.Angelo CrowellLB20021559263
2.Angelo CrowellLB20011448757
3.Randy NealLB19931399841
4.Wali RainerLB19981348252
5.Charles McDanielLB19831307357
6.Yubrenal IsabelleLB20001286662
7.Keith LeeLB19811273394
8.Russ SwanLB19851255867
 Byron ThweattLB20001258045
10.Jamie SharperLB19961237746
 Quin BlandingS20141236063
12.James FarriorLB19951227250
 Merrill RobertsonLB20021227448
 Steve GreerLB20121224577
15.Jamie SharperLB19941188335
 Wali RainerLB19971186652

Annual Tackle Leaders
1978Ken NewsomeLB126880
1979Stuart AndersonDL265581
1980Stuart AndersonDL366298
1981Keith LeeLB3394127
1982Charles McDanielLB5752109
1983Charles McDanielLB7357130
1984Charles McDanielLB4754101
1985Russ SwanLB5867125
1986Sean ScottDE404888
1987Jeff LagemanLB632689
1988Jeff LagemanLB7443117
1989Phil ThomasLB8024104
1990P.J. KillianLB533487
1991Chris SladeDE306999
1992P.J. KillianLB673299
1993Randy NealLB9841139
1994Jamie SharperLB8335118
1995James FarriorLB7250122
1996Jamie SharperLB7746123
1997Wali RainerLB6652118
1998Wali RainerLB8252134
1999Shannon TaylorLB572481
2000Yubrenal IsabelleLB6662128
2001Angelo CrowellLB8757144
2002Angelo CrowellLB9263155
2003Ahmad BrooksLB6849117
2004 Ahmad BrooksLB395190
2005Kai ParhamLB5746103
2006Jon CopperLB394281
2007Jon CopperLB5653109
2008Jon CopperLB5744101
2009Steve GreerLB494392
2010La'Roy ReynoldsLB244266
2011Steve GreerLB4360103
2012Steve GreerLB4577122
2013Henry ColeyLB434891
2014Quin BlandingS6063123
2015Micah KiserLB6453117

Career Quarterback Sacks
1.Chris SladeDE1989-9240
2.Clint SintimLB2005-0729
3.Darryl BlackstockLB2002-0427
4.Mike FrederickDE1991-9426
5.Patrick KerneyDE1995-9824
6.Stuart AndersonDL/LB1978-8123
 Duane AshmanDE1993-9623
8.Chris LongDE2004-0722
9.Sean ScottDE1984-8721
10.Ron MattesDT1981-8418
11.Eli HaroldDE2012-pres.17.5
12.Wali RainerLB1995-9816
13.Tom KilgannonDT1981-8415
 Jon HarrisDE1993-9615
15.Jamie SharperLB1993-9614

Season Quarterback Sacks
1.Chris SladeDE199215
 Patrick KerneyDE 199815
3.Chris SladeDE199114
 Chris LongDE200714
5.Clint SintimLB200813
6.Mike FrederickDE199311
 Darryl BlackstockLB200411
8.Darryl BlackstockLB200210
9.Ron MattesDT19849
 Matt QuigleyDT/NG19919
 Wali RainerLB19979
 Kai ParhamLB20059
 Clint SintimLB20079
 Max VallesLB20149
15.Eli HaroldDE20138.5

Career Tackles for Loss
1.Chris SladeDE1989-9256
2.Mike FrederickDE1991-9450
3.Chris LongDE2004-0743
4.Clint SintimLB2005-0843
5.Stuart AndersonDL/LB1978-8142
6.Darryl BlackstockLB2002-0441.5
7.Jamie SharperLB1993-9641
8.Sean ScottDE1984-8737
 Duane AshmanDE1993-9637
10.Eli HaroldDE2012-pres.36.5
11.Kai ParhamLB2003-0532.5
 Cam JohnsonDE/LB2008-1132.5
13.Patrick KerneyDE1995-9832
 Wali RainerLB1995-9832
15.Henry ColeyLB2011-1429.5

Season Tackles for Loss
1.Chris SladeDE199121
 Mike FrederickDE199321
 Patrick KerneyDE199821
4.Chris SladeDE199220
5.Chris LongDE200719
6.Jamie SharperLB199617
7.Matt QuigleyDT199115
 Mike FrederickDE199415
 Wali RainerLB199715
 Shannon TaylorLB199915
 Eli HaroldDE201315
13.Darryl BlackstockLB200314.5
 Kai ParhamLB200514.5
 Cam JohnsonDE201014.5
 Eli HaroldDE201414.5

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