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First Downs
Total Offense
Punt Returns
Kickoff Returns

Misc. Team Records

Team Defensive Records

First Downs-Total
Most Game36vs. Davidson, 1968;
 vs. William & Mary, 1990
Most Season2742002
Fewest Game3vs. Pittsburgh, 1953
Fewest Season811953

First Downs-Rushing

Most Game25vs. Davidson, 1968
Most Season1512004
Fewest Game0vs. Navy, 1942;
 vs. Maryland 1980
Fewest Season531953

First Downs-Passing

Most Game22vs. Georgia Tech, 2013
Most Season1492011
Fewest Game0many times
Fewest Season111944


Most Game72vs. VMI, 1961
Most Season5931985
Fewest Game7vs. North Carolina, 1943
Fewest Season2741942


Most Game514vs. Hampden-Sydney, 1946
Most Season29142004
Fewest Game(-17)vs. Maryland, 1980
Fewest Season5761942


Most Game63vs. Georgia Tech, 2013
Most Season4742012
Fewest Game0many times
Fewest Season771944


Most Game43vs.Georgia Tech, 2013
Most Season3162003
Fewest Game0many times
Fewest Season301944


Most Game6vs. Pennsylvania, 1946
 vs. Richmond, 1946
 vs. Maryland, 1958
Most Season341972
Fewest Game0many times
Fewest Season21991


Most Game480vs. Louisiana Tech, 2012
Most Season33242003
Fewest Game(-1)vs. Michigan, 1971
Fewest Season3981944


Most Game6vs. Ohio, 1993; Buffalo, 1999
Most Season322002
Fewest Game0many times
Fewest Season21956, 1963, 1969

Total Offense-Plays

Most Game102vs. BYU, 2014
Most Season9392011
Fewest Game31vs. Clemson, 1955
Fewest Season3711942

Total Offense-Yards

Most Game691vs. Davidson, 1968
Most Season55161990
Fewest Game41vs. Clemson, 1963
Fewest Season15401953

Interceptions By-Number

Most Game5nine times
 (most recent: vs. Miami (Fla.), 2010)
Most Season271994
Fewest Game0many times
Fewest Season42012, 2015

Interceptions By-Yards

Most Game128vs. Maryland, 1961
Most Season4231979
Fewest Game0many times
Fewest Season281955


Most Game15vs. South Carolina, 1972
Most Season851942, 1977
Fewest Game0several times
Fewest Season401960, 1990


Highest Game51.4vs. Wyoming, 2007
High Season45.91976
Lowest Game0several times
Lowest Season30.61955

Punt Returns-Number

Most Game11vs. VMI, 1942; vs. Richmond, 1944
Most Season591941
Fewest Game0many times
Fewest Season121959

Punt Returns-Yards

Most Game195vs. Lehigh, 1940
Most Season8591941
Fewest Game0many times
Fewest Season721959

Kickoff Returns-Number

Most Game10vs. Maryland, 1975
Most Season611959
Fewest Game0many times
Fewest Season111941

Kickoff Returns-Yards

Most Game231vs. Boise State, 2015
Most Season11382011
Fewest Game0many times
Fewest Season1911941


Most Game136vs. Randolph Macon, 1890
(Modern)71vs. Hampden-Sydney, 1946
Most Season4421990
Fewest Game0many times
Fewest Season391935


Most Game31*vs. Randolph Macon, 1890
(Modern)11vs. Hampden-Sydney, 1946
Most Season561990
Fewest Game0many times
Fewest Season61935, 1977
*in 1890 TDs counted 4 points

Scoring-PAT (kick)

Most Game12vs. Johns Hopkins, 1894
(Modern)9vs. James Madison, 1979
Most Season511990
Fewest Game0many times
Fewest Season31935, 1953, 1959

Scoring-Field Goals

Most Game5vs. Virginia Tech, 1994
 Georgia Tech, 2003
 North Carolina, 2007
Most Season232003
Fewest Game0many times
Fewest Season0many times

Scoring-Field Goals Attempted

Most Game6vs. North Carolina, 1998
Most Season291996
Fewest Game0many times
Fewest Season0many times


Most Game11vs. VMI, 1950
Most Season411947
Fewest Game0many times
Fewest Season131985, 2004, 2015


Most Game7vs. West Virginia, 1949
Most Season231946
Fewest Game0many times
Fewest Season52004, 2005


Most Game9vs. Richmond, 1946 (6 int., 3 fum.)
 vs. South Carolina, 1952 (3 int., 6 fum.)
Most Season471972 (34 int., 13 fum.)
Fewest Game0many times
Fewest Season102004 (5 int., 5 fum.)


Most Game9vs. Virginia Tech, 1952 (3 int., 6 fum.)
 vs. Virginia Tech, 1957 (5 int., 4 fum.)
Most Season421979 (18 int., 24 fum.)
Fewest Game0many times
Fewest Season122012 (4 int., 8 fum.)


Most Game17vs. Davidson, 1968
Most Season982010
Fewest Game0vs. West Virginia, 1973
 vs. Navy, 1974
 vs. Georgia Tech, 1984
 vs. Clemson, 1991
 vs. Maryland, 2004
Fewest Season261940


Most Game231vs. Davidson, 1968
Most Season8802010
Fewest Game0vs. West Virginia, 1973
 vs. Navy, 1974
 vs. Georgia Tech, 1984
 vs. Clemson,1991
 vs. Maryland, 2004
Fewest Season2581940

Miscellaneous Team Records

Won-Lost Record-Home and Away


126 Seasons:

70Winning Seasons
8.500 Seasons
48Losing Seasons

Consecutive Wins

10(1914-15, 1951-52)

Consecutive Wins in a Season

7(1914, 1945, 1949, 1990, 2007)

Consecutive Games without a Loss in a Season


Consecutive Wins at Home

24Virginia Tech (Nov. 11, 1899) to NC State (Oct. 1904).
 Navy ended the streak Nov. 1904 (5-0).

Consecutive Wins at Home Since 1937

12George Washington (Sept. 23, 1950) to George Washington (Oct. 11, 1952).
 Duke ended streak Oct. 25, 1952.
 NC State (Nov. 5, 1988) to NC State (Oct. 13, 1990).
 Georgia Tech ended streak Nov. 3, 1990.

Consecutive Games Undefeated at Home

28(1 tie)-Richmond (Oct. 2, 1894) to Vanderbilt (Nov. 12, 1898).
 Navy ended streak Nov. 1898 (6-0).

Consecutive Shutouts

10Randolph-Macon (Sept. 1908) to St. John's (Oct. 1909)
8Navy (Oct. 23, 1909) to VMI (Oct. 1910)

Consecutive Shutouts in a Season

6(1902, 1908)

Consecutive Games Scoring

195VMI (9/15/84) to North Carolina (10/28/2000)

Consecutive Games with an Interception

39#Nov. 6, 1993 through Nov. 29, 1996
#NCAA Record

Most Points Scored in a Season

442 points199011 games*
414 points189410 games
402 points200214 games
364 points200313 games
363 points200412 games
353 points19149 games
350 points199411 games*
 198912 games*
344 points199512 games*
341 points199211 games
* bowl game not included

Most Points Scored in an ACC Game (Win) Total

84UVa 44 vs. North Carolina 40 (1973)

Most Points Scored in an ACC Game (Loss) Total

103UVa 48 vs. Duke 55 (2010)

Fewest Points Allowed in a Season

9 points19088 games
11 points19098 games
31 points19259 games
42 points19419 games

Biggest ACC Win Margin

UVa 59Duke 0(1990)

Biggest ACC Loss Margin

UVa 0Clemson 55(1984)

Biggest Win Margin

UVa136Randolph-Macon 0(1890)

Biggest Defeat Margin

UVa0Princeton 115(1890)

Most Wins in a Season


Milestone Wins-History

1Nov. 20, 1888Pantops Academy20-0
100Nov. 24, 1904North Carolina12-11
200Oct. 11, 1924Randolph-Macon26-6
300Oct. 23, 1948VMI26-14
400Sept. 29, 1973Duke7-3
500Sept. 25, 1993Duke35-0
600Sept. 8, 2007Duke24-13

Milestone Wins-Scott Stadium

1Sept. 1932Hampden-Sydney32-0
50Oct. 20, 1951VMI34-14
100Sept. 21, 1974William & Mary38-28
150Sept. 28, 1991Duke34-3
200Sept. 21, 2002Akron48-29
250Oct. 4, 2014Pitt24-19

Opening Day Record


Record at Scott Stadium (Oct. 15, 1931-2015)


Virginia Team Defense - Game
First Downs0NC State194436East Carolina1975
Attempts15Duke199386Georgia Tech1976
Yards45Wake Forest1996633East Carolina1975
Attempts0several times 69Texas Tech2007
Completions0several times 44Texas Tech2007
Yards-2Vanderbilt1952487Florida State1995
Touchdowns0many times 5South Carolina1968
 5Fresno State2004
Intercepted0many times 5nine times
Yards0many times 128Maryland1961
Total Defense
Plays26NC State1945102North Carolina1959
Number0 times 16Virginia Tech1941
Average0several times 51.4Southern Miss2011
Number0Hampden-Sydney194116North Carolina1975
 0Virginia Tech1941
Yards0teams above 146Washington1977
Number0many times 11NC State1977
Lost0many times 6Virginia Tech1952
 West Virginia1954
 Wake Forest1966
 James Madison1979
 South Carolina2002


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