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All-Time Team Leaders

Cavalier Top-Ten Performers



1. Doug Knight1994-9760165
2. Michael Watson1994-9762142
3. Matt Ward2003-0662139
4. Kevin Pehlke1990-9355138
5. Chris Bocklet2009-1263137
6. Ben Rubeor2005-0861136
7. Steele Stanwick2009-1269126
8. Garrett Billings2006-0969125
Garrett Billings2011-1463125
10. Danny Glading2006-0969119


1. Doug Knight19961556
2. Chris Bocklet20101853
3. Doug Knight19951552
4. Mark Cockerton20131449
5. Michael Watson19961648
6. Mark Cockerton20141647
7. Ben Rubeor20071646
8. Kevin Pehlke19911444
Chris Bocklet20111844
10. Tucker Radebaugh19991642
Matt Ward20061742

Game (6+)

1. Butch McCleary vs. Navy19588
Doug Knight vs. Syracuse19968
Garrett Billings vs. Stony Brook20098
3. Tom Duquette vs. Johns Hopkins19707
Pete Eldredge vs. Washington & Lee19717
Paul French vs. Virginia Tech 19817
Paul French vs. Virginia Tech19827
Paul French vs. North Carolina19837
Kevin Pehlke vs. Loyola19917
Ben Rubeor vs. Towson20077
Matt White vs. North Carolina20137
10. 31 timeslast by Mark Cockerton at Duke, 2013 6



1. Tim Whiteley1993-9663159
2. Conor Gill1999-0259146
3. Kris Snider1975-7843144
4. Steele Stanwick2009-1243143
5. Jay Connor1969-7246129
6. Mike Caravana1980-8349104
Danny Glading2006-0969104
8. Kevin Pehlke1990-9355101
9. Michael Watson1994-976298
10. Drew McKnight1997-005793


Game (8+)

1. Jay Connor19721558
2. Steele Stanwick20121551
2. Tim Whiteley19961649
3. Tim Whiteley19941747
4. Kris Snider1977942
Tim Whiteley19951542
Conor Gill20021542
6. Bill Hooper19501140
Conor Gill20001540
8. Kris Snider19761239
9. Kris Snider19781138
Steele Stanwick20111738
11. Joe Dyer1958937
1. Mike Caravana vs. Loyola198310
2. Jay Connor vs. Wash. & Lee19699
Conor Gill vs. Cornell20029
4. Gordon Jones vs. Williams19528
Joe Dyer vs. Williams19588
Joe Dyer vs. Navy19588
Kris Snider vs. William & Mary19778
Mike Caravana vs. Navy 19828
Rob Falk vs. VMI19928
Sean Miller vs. Radford19958



1. Steele Stanwick2009-1269126143269
2. Doug Knight1994-976016584249
3. Tim Whiteley1993-96 6386159245
4. Michael Watson1994-976214298240
5. Kevin Pehlke1990-9355138101239
6. Conor Gill1999-025977146223
Danny Glading2006-0969119104223
8. Ben Rubeor2005-086113676212
9. Kris Snider 1975-784365144209
10. Matt Ward2003-066213969208


1. Doug Knight199615563086
2. Steele Stanwick201216295180
3. Jay Connor197215185876
4. Michael Watson199616492675
Tim Whiteley199616254974
6. Tucker Radebaugh199916423173
7. Doug Knight1997143933 72
8. Tim Whiteley199417244771
9. Steele Stanwick201117323870
10. Kevin Pehlke199114442569

Game (10+)

1. Gordon Jones vs. Williams195214 (6,8)
2. Joe Dyer vs. Navy195813 (8,5)
3. Gordon Jones vs. Kenyon195111 (5,6)
4. Jay Connor vs. Wash. & Lee196911 (2,9)
Paul French vs. Virginia Tech198211 (7,4)
Mike Caravana vs. Loyola198311 (1,10)
Garrett Billings vs. Stony Brook200911 (8,3)
8. Gordon Jones vs. Wash. & Lee195210 (3,7)
Joe Dyer vs. Williams195810 (2,8)
Jack Davies vs. Baltimore196410 (5,5)
Mike Caravana vs. Navy198210 (2,8)
Kevin Pehlke vs. Loyola199110 (7,3)
Steve Wilt vs. VMI199110 (4,6)
Doug Knight vs. Syracuse 199610 (8,2)
Conor Gill vs. Cornell200210 (1,9) Saves


1. Tillman Johnson 2001-0459700
2. Adam Ghitelman2008-1162586
3. Rodney Rullman1972-7544553
4. Deeley Nice1960-6232498
5. Chris Sanderson1995-9846495
6. Bo Moore1952-5430494
7. Peter Sheehan1985-8848491
8. Cam MacLachlan 1975-7840470
9. James Ireland1991-9452458
10. Tom Groeninger1988-9148455


1. Tillman Johnson200317205
2. Deeley Nice196112195
3. Bo Moore195411192
Chris Sanderson199616192
5. Court Durling199515186
6. Matt Barrett201515183
7. Deeley Nice196212180
8. Rodney Rullman197511179
9. Adam Ghitelman201117178
10. Jim Shreeve196312174

Game (28+)

1. Bob Catzen vs. Johns Hopkins194835
Bo Moore vs. Army195435
3. Deeley Nice vs. Johns Hopkins196234
4. Brian Rowe vs. Maryland195630
Deeley Nice vs. Army196130
Deeley Nice vs. Army196230
7. Bo Moore vs. Navy195429
Rodney Rullman vs. Navy197529
9. Bo Moore vs. Wash. & Lee195428
Bob Hoover vs. Maryland195828

Ground Balls


1. Jason Hard1997-0058336
2. Andy Kraus1987-89, 9151 327
3. David Jenkins1998-0158320
4. Kris Snider1975-7860296
5. Peter Eldredge1969-7247271
6. Doug Cooper1971-7449268
7. Steve Kraus1978-8143266
8. Michael Watson1994-9762265
9. Boo Smith1971-7450260
10. Tillman Johnson2001-0459259
Chris LaPierre2010-1470259


1. Andy Kraus198814132
2. Steve Kraus198012116
3. David Jenkins200114106
4. Chad Gaudet2009 18105
5. Brad Wood1986 14102
Jason Hard1997 14 102
7. Gabby Roe19901499
8. Jack deVilliers20031797
9. Steve Kraus19811095
10. Jim Potter19691094
Jack deVilliers20051594

Game (14+)

1. Andy Kraus vs. Duke198827
2. Gabby Roe vs. Duke199017
Mike Schattner vs. Roanoke199117
4. Dave Pocock vs. Hofstra197816
Steve Kraus vs. Navy198016
Court Durling vs. Syracuse199516
7. Boo Smith vs. Army197215
Steve Kraus vs. Johns Hopkins1980 15
Ben Johnson vs. Duke199515
10. Greg Montgomery vs. Wash. & Lee197414
Vince Sandusky vs. Wash. & Lee197714
Steve Kraus vs. North Carolina198114
Steve Crawford vs. Virginia Tech198614
Ben Johnson vs. Brown199514
Ben Johnson vs. VMI199614
David Jenkins vs. Hofstra200114

Face-off Wins


1. Jack deVilliers2002-0560604
2. Jason Hard1997-0058539
3. David Jenkins1998-0158426
4. Brad Wood1984-8740423
5. Tony Nugent1992-9553362
6. Andy Kraus1987-89, 9151344
7. Steve Kraus1978-8143325
8. Garett Ince2008-1164310
9. Greg Montgomery1971-7447309
10. Ryan Benincasa2009-1261291


PlayerYear GWins
1. Jack deVilliers200317204
2. Chad Gaudet200918182
3. Brad Wood198614180
4. Jason Hard199714176
5. Andy Kraus198814173
6. Jack deVilliers200515 167
Mick Parks201314 167
8. Mick Parks201416157
9. David Jenkins200114154
10. Steve Kraus198012150

Game (20+)

1. Jason Hard vs. Syracuse199729
2. Steve Kraus vs. Johns Hopkins198123
Andy Kraus vs. Duke198823
4. Dave Pocock vs. N.C. State197822
5. David Jenkins vs. Hofstra200121
Chad Gaudet vs. Johns Hopkins200921
7. Brad Wood vs. Loyola198620
Ryan Benincasa vs. Syracuse201220

Face-off Winning Pct.

Career (min. 250 attempts)

PlayerYearsPct. (WxA)
1. Steve Kraus1978-81.680 (325x478)
2. Andy Kraus87-89, 91.629 (344x547)
3. David Jenkins1998-01.606 (426x703)
4. Brad Wood1984-87.598 (423x707)
5. Gabby Roe1988-91.591 (259x438)
6. Charlie Glazer2003-06.581 (161x277)
7. Greg Montgomery1971-74.575 (309x537)
8. Scott Gerham1981-84.573 (208x363)
9. Jason Hard1997-00.568 (539x949)
10. Garth Appelt1988-91.562 (150x267)


PlayerYearPct. (WxA)
1. Steve Kraus1980.735 (150x204)
2. Andy Kraus1988.643 (173x269)
David Jenkins1999 .643 (126x196)
4. Steve Kraus1981.640 (126x197)
5. Jim Potter1970.637 (65x102)
6. Andy Kraus1989.636 (91x143)
7. Jason Hard1999.628 (130x207)
8. Gabby Roe1990.627 (116x185)
9. Andy Kraus1987.626 (72x115)
Jason Hard2000.626 (122x195)

Game (min. 10 attempts)

1. Scott Coulter, Va. Tech19801.000 (11x11)
Charlie Glazer vs. Mt. St. Mary's, 20061.000 (11x11)
3. Greg Montgomery vs. No. Carolina1972 .929 (13x14)
Andy Kraus vs. Navy1989.929 (13x14)
Jason Hard vs. Mercyhurst1998.929 (13x14)
David Jenkins vs. Delaware1999.929 (13x14)
Ryan Benincasa vs. Vermont2012.929 (13x14)
8. Brad Wood vs. Radford1986.923 (12x13)
9. Steve Nauss vs. Roanoke1972.917 (11x12)
Scott Coulter vs. William & Mary1981.917 (11x12)
Ray Kamrath vs. UMBC1993.917 (11x12)
Jason Hard vs. UMass1999.917 (11x12)
Jason Hard vs. Stony Brook1999.917 (11x12)
Jason Hard vs. Stony Brook2000.917 (11x12)


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