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Annual Statistical Leaders

Team Leaders By Year

1947J. Burch 15
1948B. Sadtler 24B. Hooper 8B. Sadtler 25
1949B. Sadtler 14B. Hooper 14B. Hooper 27
1950D. Godine 23B. Hooper 40B. Hooper 57
1951G. Jones 19G. Jones 30G. Jones 49B. Crawford
1952D. Godine 29G. Jones 35G. Jones 63B. Moore 140
1953G. Agerton 24G. Agerton 28G. Agerton 52B. Moore 162
1954G. Swope 27E. Vest 20G. Swope 38B. Moore 192
1955B. Swindell 12J. Grieves 10B. Swindell 19B. Hoover 108
1956D. Nichols 19J. Dyer 22J. Dyer 31B. Rowe 151
1957R. Stearns 12J. Dyer 22J. Dyer 31B. Hoover 152
B. Rahmig 12
1958B. McCleary 31J. Dyer 37J. Dyer 55 B. Hoover 143
1959H. Peterson 22B. McCleary 21H. Peterson 37 J. Dollar 132
1960B. McCleary 17B. McCleary 11B. McCleary 28 D. Nice 123
1961H. Peterson 23H. Peterson 25H. Peterson 48D. Nice 195
1962J. Davies 25J. Spilman 25J. Spilman 40 D. Nice 180
1963J. Franklin 26J. Davies 28J. Davies 51 J. Shreeve 174
1964J. Davies 20J. Davies 20J. Davies 40J. Shreeve 103
1965J. Stewart 15C. McGill 18C. McGill 30B. Brandt 138
R. Solter 15
1966B. Prusmack 9B. Prusmack 4B. Prusmack 13S. Orrick 141
1967B. Harrison 6B. Harrison 14B. Harrison 20J. Eustace 88
1968C. Rullman 31C. Rullman 11C. Rullman 42J. Eustace 109
1969C. Rullman 19J. Connor 22J. Connor 36J. Potter 94J. Potter .573J. Eustace 104
1970T.Duquette 24T. Duquette 23T. Duquette 47J. Potter 81J. Potter .638A. Hirsh 106
1971P. Eldredge 31J. Connor 30J. Connor 56P. Eldredge 89D. Proutt .456A. Hirsh 131
1972P. Eldredge 36J. Connor 58J. Connor 76B. Smith 83G. Montgomery .609R. Rullman 110
1973R. Bergland 30T. Duquette 28T. Duquette 57D. Cooper 82G. Montgomery .563R. Rullman 142
1974B. Robertson 26B. Robertson 25B. Robertson 51G. Montgomery 72G. Montgomery .573R. Rullman 122
1975B. Barker 18K. Snider 25K. Snider 34R. Werner 77J. Clute .562R. Rullman 179
1976R. Kroll 30K. Snider 39K. Snider 56K. Snider 76M. Dorney .518C. MacLachlan 164
1977T. Holman 24K. Snider 42K. Snider 64V. Sandusky 83D. Pocock .460C. MacLachlan 159
1978E. Voelkel 23K. Snider 38K. Snider 55D. Pocock 88D. Pocock .599C. MacLachlan 134
T. Holman 23
1979B. Pellington 29P. O'Brien 19B. Pelllington 41K. O'Shea 53S. Kraus .620B. Gregory 102
1980J. Driscoll 17M. Caravana 27M. Caravana 38S. Kraus 116S. Kraus .735J. Bottner 77
1981R. Natoli 25M. Caravana 16R. Natoli 38S. Kraus 95S. Kraus .640J. Bottner 86
S. Gerham 16
1982R. Giusto 30M. Caravana 29M. Caravana 55S. Gerham 72S. Gerham .572J.B. Meyer 104
1983P. French 28M. Caravana 32M. Caravana 38S. Gerham 78S. Gerham .577J.B. Meyer 95
1984J. Nicklas 28R. Marino 22J. Nicklas 46O. Mohrman 55O. Mohrman .541J.B. Meyer 148
1985J. Nicklas 28R. Marino 20R. Marino 46B. Wood 67B. Wood .558P. Sheehan 150
1986R. Marino 34R. Marino 18R. Marino 52B. Wood 102B. Wood .616P. Sheehan 150
1987C. Monroe 33T. Engelke 18C. Monroe 39A. Kraus 73A. Kraus .626S. Ridgely 88
1988C. Monroe 37T. Engelke 25C. Monroe 40A. Kraus 132A. Kraus .643P. Sheehan 148
1989T. Burt 24R. Schmalz 21R. Schmalz 40A. Kraus 74A. Kraus .636T. Groeninger 124
1990K. Pehlke 34P. Frazer 24K. Pehlke 56G. Roe 99G. Roe .627T. Groeninger 156
1991K. Pehlke 44K. Pehlke 25K. Pehlke 69M. Schattner 85G. Roe .605T. Groeninger 150
1992P. Frazer 34K. Pehlke 28K. Pehlke 54J. Ireland 80T. Nugent .496J. Ireland 125
1993K. Pehlke 34K. Pehlke 26K. Pehlke 60J. Ireland 74R. Kamrath .566J. Ireland 162
1994G. Traynor 34T. Whiteley 47T. Whiteley 71J. Ireland 82T. Nugent .570J. Ireland 156
1995D. Knight 52T. Whiteley 42D. Knight 66C. Durling 92T. Nugent .574C. Durling 186
B. Johnson 92
1996D. Knight 56T. Whiteley 49D. Knight 86D. Melchionni 82D. Wren .524C. Sanderson 192
M. Watson 82
1997D. Knight 39D. Knight 33D. Knight 72J. Hard 102J. Hard .618C. Sanderson 146
1998J. Jalbert 34T. Radebaugh 26T. Radebaugh 56P. Ragosa 62J. Hard .424C. Sanderson 134
1999T. Radebaugh 42T. Radebaugh 31T. Radebaugh 73D. Jenkins 91D. Jenkins .643 D. Kenney 139
2000D. McKnight 33C. Gill 40C. Gill 66D. Jenkins 92J. Hard .626D. Kenney 108
2001C. Rotelli 28C. Gill 34C. Gill 49D. Jenkins 106 D. Jenkins .579T. Johnson 152
2002J. Yevoli 40C. Gill 42C. Gill 56T. Whitty 77J. deVilliers .478T. Johnson 173
2003J. Christmas 36J. Yevoli 26C. Rotelli 49J. deVilliers 97J. deVilliers .588T. Johnson 205
J. Yevoli 49
2004M. Ward 33M. Ward 13M. Ward 46J. deVilliers 54J. deVilliers .490T. Johnson 170
2005M. Ward 38J. Christmas 20M. Ward 49J. deVilliers 94J. deVilliers .557K. Turner 137
2006M. Ward 42M. Ward 25M. Ward 67C. Glazer 69C. Glazer .584K. Turner 129
2007B. Rubeor 46G. Billings/B. Rubeor 22 B. Rubeor 68A. Fassnacht 72A. Fassnacht .543K. Turner 144
2008B. Rubeor 38D. Glading 35D. Glading 65K. Clausen 59G. Ince .508B. Petit 101
2009G. Billings 38D. Glading 31D. Glading 63C. Gaudet 105C. Gaudet .548A. Ghitelman 157
2010C. Bocklet 53S. Stanwick 32C. Bocklet 67A. Ghitelman 62B. McDermott .583A. Ghitelman 165
2011C. Bocklet 44S. Stanwick 38S. Stanwick 70C. LaPierre 92G. Ince .510A. Ghitelman 178
2012C. Bocklet 36S. Stanwick 51S. Stanwick 70C. LaPierre 63R. Benincasa .556R. Fortunato 167
2013M. Cockerton 49N. O'Reilly 38N. O'Reilly 61M. Parks 70M. Parks .539R. Heller 94
2014M. Cockerton 47O. Van Arsdale 27M. Cockerton 63M. Parks 64M. Parks .511M. Barrett 149
2015G. Coholan 39R. Lukacovic 27G. Coholan 53M. Howard 50J. Murphy .505M. Barrett 183


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Jeff White
Felicia Aiyeotan
'Hoos Look To Take Next Step in NCAA Tourney
Women's Basketball
A win Sunday night over second-seeded South Carolina would send 10th-seeded Virginia to the NCAA tournament's Sweet Sixteen for the first time since 2000.
Tony Bennett
End Comes Too Soon for No. 1 Cavaliers
Men's Basketball
In the NCAA tournament's first round, No. 1 seed Virginia lost 74-54 to No. 16 seed UMBC in a South Region game in Charlotte, N.C.
Mamadi Diakite
No. 1 'Hoos Ready to Roll in Charlotte
Men's Basketball
At approximately 9:20 p.m. Friday, in a South Region game, No. 1 seed UVA (31-2) meets No. 16 seed UMBC (24-10) in the NCAA tournament's first round.

Jeff White

Director of News Content

A 1985 graduate of UVA, White worked at the Richmond Times-Dispatch until July 2009. He was honored six times as the state's Sportswriter of the Year.

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