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Note: Records indicate that teams existed from 1904-1907 but no information is available.

Captain: Frank Torchiana
Manager: William McC. James

Captain: James Hornor Manager: William McC. James
Captain: W.M. Bryan
Manager: G.A. Paddoch

Captain: W. B. Lamb
Manager: A. J. Saville

1925 (0-2)
Coach: Allen Voshell
Captain: George Halsell

My. 9L'Hirondelle ClubhL3 8
My. 16L'Hirondelle ClubaL210

1926 (0-3-2)
Coach: Allen Voshell
Captain: Benjamin Thompson

A. 2Randolph-MaconhT1 1
A. 9L'Hirondelle ClubhL2 6
A. 17Johns HopkinsaL111
A. 24Maryland aL110
M.15Randolph-Macon (2ot)hT1 1

1927 (0-5)
Coach: Allen Voshell
Captain: Walter Power

A. 2Johns HopkinsaL1 13
A. 11YalehL2 17
A. 23Maryland aL3 14
A. 30L'Hirondelle ClubaL06

1928 (0-5)
Coach: Allen Voshell
Captain: Leslie Gray

A. 7 Johns HopkinsaL1 12
A. 12Georgia TechhL48
A. 18Maryland hL1 14
A. 25NavyaL0 19

1929 (0-5)
Coach: Allen Voshell
Captain: Bob Holcomb

A. 11PennsylvaniahL19
A. 20Randolph-MaconaL04
A. 25Randolph-Macon n1L13
A. 30St. John's (Md.)aL1 12
M. 4Maryland aL3 22

1930 (1-3-1)
Coach: Gus Welch
Captain: Kenneth Crowther

A. 7Oxford-CambridgehL09
A. 11Randolph-Macon hW75
A. 17Georgia Tech (2ot) hT22
A. 21Georgia hL35
A. 30St. John's (Md.)aL0 15

1931 (0-5-1)
Coach: Gus Welch
Captain: Bill DeButts

A. 4Georgia hL014
A. 8PennsylvaniahL2 9
A. 16Georgia Tech (2ot)hT2 2
A. 18Johns HopkinsaL015
A. 27St. John's (Md.)hL012
M. 8Washington CollegehL1 9

1932 (0-2)
Coach: Gus Welch
Captain: Bill St. Clair

A. 9St. John's (Md.)a L015
A. 23Marylanda L1 7

1937 (1-1)
Coach: Kirk Train
Captain: Harry Gaver

A. 24Princeton BaL 215
M.15St. John's (Md.) BhW 9 6

1938 (5-6)
Coach: Kirk Train
Captain: Harry Gaver

M.24Washington & LeeaW 10 5
A. 2Loyola hL 4 9
A. 9Dartmouth hL 014
A. 14SyracusehL 413
A. 16Navy B aL 6 8
A. 22Duke hW 4 2
A. 30Washington LCaL 810
M.13Duke (2ot) hW 7 5
M.14North Carolina hL 5 9
M.19W & L (2ot)hW 7 5
M.21North CarolinaNAW 4 2

1939 (0-8)
Coach: John Goucher
Captain: Pichegru Woolfolk

A. 13Washington & LeehL 5 7
A. 14Duke hL 1 9
A. 22Loyola aL 512
A. 29Navy B aL 310
M. 5North Carolina aL 2 4
M. 6Duke aL 2 8
M.13Washington & LeeaL 2 7
M.20North Carolina hL 2 9

1941 (0-5)
Coach: Walter Coakley

A. 4 DukeaL 1 9
A. 5 North CarolinaaL 412
A. 12 Navy B aL 2 7
A. 18 Washington & LeeaL 2 7
M.10Washington ACaL 615

1942 (0-4)
Coach: Erv Dickey
Captain: Walter Coakley

A. 4DukeaL 313
A. 11Navy B (ot) aL 5 7
A. 23W & L aL 1 8
M. 1W & L (2ot) hL 4 5

1947 (3-4) Coach: Randall Coleman Captain: Wardlaw Thompson

A. 11Johns Hopkins BaL 5 9
A. 22Drexel aW 7 2
A. 23Swarthmore aL 3 6
A. 26Washington & LeehL 6 8
M. 9Baltimore K of ChW 11 1
M.17Washington & LeeaL 4 8
M.24Loyola aW 7 6

1948 (4-6)
Coach: Randall Coleman
Captains: Bobby Proutt, Wardlaw Thompson

M.29Princeton hL 813
A. 6DukeaL 5 6
A. 10Washington & Leeh W 1110
A. 17Johns Hopkins aL 515
A. 24Washington & Lee (ot) n2 L 910
M. 1Delaware h W 14 1
M. 8Loyolah W 4 3
M.14Armya L 212
M.15RPIa L 812
M.17 Union aW 8 7

1949 (7-4)
Coach: Charles Guy Captain: Bobby Proutt

A. 2Johns HopkinshL 917
A. 9NavyaL 213
A. 19Penn State hW 8 7
A. 23Washington & LeeaW 9 6
A. 27VMI hW1110
A. 30RPI hW 9 8
M. 7Delaware hW12 4
M.11Washington & LeehW11 3
M.14Mt. Washington LC hL 614
M.20DukeaL 3 8
M.21North CarolinaaW12 1

1950 (8-3)
Coach: Charles Guy
Captain: Bill Hooper

M.29Rutgers hW 9 8
A. 1Maryland (2ot)hL 911
A. 4Delaware hW15 9
A. 11Syracuse hW13 7
A. 15Johns HopkinsaL 615
A. 22Washington & LeeaW11 5
A. 29Loyola aW12 4
M. 3VMI aW14 4
M.10North CarolinahW17 0
M.13Penn State aW2312
M.20DukehL 811

1951 (7-2)
Coach: Robert Fuller
Captain: Dave Senft

M.28Kenyon hW22 7
M.31Maryland aW11 6
A. 5Delaware hW15 3
A. 14Johns HopkinshL 814
A. 21Washington & LeehW12 6
A. 28RPI aW 9 7
M. 5Mt.Wash. LC(2ot)aL 7 8
M.19Loyola hW15 6

1952 (7-2)
Coach: Robert Fuller
Captain: Gordon Jones

M.29Maryland hL1112
A. 4Williams hW24 3
A. 9Princeton n3W10 7
A. 12Johns HopkinsaW1312
A. 19Washington & LeeaW16 4
A. 26NavyaW 9 8
A. 30BaltimorehW1811
M.10Washington CollegehW16 6
M.17Mt. Washington LChL 816

1953 (7-3)
Coach: Robert Fuller
Captain: Tommy Compton

M.28Maryland aW12 7
A. 7NavyaL 7 8
A. 11Johns HopkinshW15 8
A. 18DukehW15 7
A. 25Mt. Washington LC aL 6 9
M. 2Washington & LeeaW1710
M. 9RPI aL 710
M.12BaltimoreaW15 3
M.16North CarolinahW18 3
M.23Richmond LC aW14 6

1954 (6-4-1)
Coach: Wilson Fewster
Captain: Bo Moore

M.27Maryland h L718
A. 3Johns Hopkinsa T8 8
A. 7Harvard h W1914
A. 10Navyh L314
A. 17RPIn3 W12 5
A. 24W & L (2ot) a W11 8
M. 1Armya L918
M. 4North Carolinaa W17 5
M. 8Baltimoreh W16 6
M.15Mt. Washington LC h L916
M.22Richmond LC a W7 6

1955 (4-5)
Coach: Robert Sandell
Captain: Jim Grieves

A. 5Harvard hW1810
A. 9Loyola aW10 2
A. 15North CarolinaaW15 2
A. 16Duke aL 811
A. 23Navy aL 517
A. 30Johns HopkinshL 923
M. 7Washington & Lee hW1211
M.14Maryland aL 018
M.21Mt. Washington LCaL 616

1956 (6-4)
Coach: Robert Sandell
Captain: Dick Beall

M.27Yale hW 8 6
A. 5 Colgate hW 6 4
A. 7Maryland LC hW21 7
A. 11Baltimore hW18 8
A. 14Johns HopkinsaL 412
A. 21Navy aL 5 8
A. 28Mt. Washington LChL1117
M. 5Maryland hL 811
M.12Duke hW19 5
M.19Washington & Lee aW10 9

1957 (4-6)
Coach: Robert Sandell
Captain: Sandy Hoff

M.23YalehL 3 4
A. 6Johns HopkinshL 412
A. 10DukeaW 6 2
A. 13Maryland aL 514
A. 17Colgate hW10 5
A. 20Hofstra aW 8 5
A. 27Rutgers aL 810
M. 4NavyhL 510
M.11Mt. Washington LC hL 517
M.18Washington & LeehW 7 6

1958 (4-5)
Coach: Robert Sandell
Captains: Joe Dyer, Bob Hoover

M.27Williams hW13 3
M.31Rutgers aL 810
A. 5Johns HopkinsaL 616
A. 11Colgate hW1512
A. 15DukehW12 7
A. 19Maryland hL 521
M. 3Navy (2ot) aW1514
M. 9Washington College aL 616
M.17Washington & LeeaL 512

1959 (4-6)
Coach: Gene Corrigan
Captain: Jay Wheatley

M. 28Mt. Washington LCaL 218
A. 1Colgate hW13 9
A. 4Johns HopkinshL 412
A. 11Maryland aL1120
A. 18Duke aW13 5
A. 22Washington College hW19 8
A. 27Quantico Marines hL1112
M. 2Navy hL 5 9
M. 9Baltimore aL1012
M.16Washington & Lee hW14 3 1960 (4-5)

Coach: Gene Corrigan
Captain: Peter Quesenberry

M.26Maryland hL1021
A. 2Washington College aW17 5
A. 9Baltimore hL3 9
A. 16Johns HopkinshL617
A. 23Navy aL2 9
M. 3Duke hW13 2
M. 7Annapolis LC hW19 6
M.14Washington & Lee aW12 4
M.21Army aL515

1961 (8-4)
Coach: Gene Corrigan
Captain: Henry Peterson

M.25Annapolis LC hW14 8
M.27Oxford-Cambridge hW11 8
A. 1Williams n4W12 6
A. 2Alumni n3W11 8
A. 8Maryland aL814
A. 15Johns HopkinshL413
A. 22Navy aL7 8
A. 27Duke aW9 5
M. 6Baltimore aL810
M.10Washington College hW8 1
M.13Washington & Lee aW12 6
M.20Army (2ot) n3W10 9

1962 (8-4)
Coach: Gene Corrigan
Captains: Deeley Nice, John Spilman

M.17Australia hW1915
M.24Baltimore LC aW8 7
M.31Alumni n3W10 5
A. 7Maryland hW8 5
A. 14Johns Hopkins hL812
A. 21NavyaL811
A. 24Washington CollegeaW12 3
A. 28DukehW17 5
M. 5Mt. Washington LC hL817
M.12Baltimore hW13 4
M.14ArmyaL5 8
M.19Washington & LeeaW14 3

1963 (7-5)
Coach: Gene Corrigan
Captains: Gus Bladgen, Mac Caputo

M.16Mt. Washington LCaL513
M.23Dartmouth hW10 6
M.30University LChL6 9
A. 6Maryland aL911
A. 13Johns HopkinsaW10 7
A. 16Alumni n4W9 5
A. 20Navy hL310
A. 25Duke aW14 0
M. 4Baltimore aW14 8
M.11Army hL1011
M.15Washington College hW3 6
M.18Washington & Lee hW13 5

1964 (7-5)
Coach: Gene Corrigan
Captains: Snowden Hoff, Richard Evans

M.14Mt. Washington LCaL514
M.23Dartmouth hW9 8
M.29Alumni n3W9 8
A. 3North CarolinaaW18 4
A. 11Johns HopkinshL515
A. 18Maryland hW13 3
A. 22Duke hW21 1
A. 25Baltimore hW15 9
M. 2Navy aL412
M. 9Army aL411
M.14Washington & Lee hW12 3
M.16Washington College aL1215

1965 (5-6)
Coach: Gene Corrigan
Captain: Dick Peterson

M.13Mt. Washington LCaL820
M.22Dartmouth hW12 7
M.30North CarolinahW12 9
A. 3Washington College hW16 9
A. 10Johns HopkinsaL617
A. 17Maryland aL913
A. 18Alumni n3W10 4
M. 1Baltimore aL8 9
M. 8Army hL816
M.12Washington & Lee aW12 7
M.15Navy aL513

1966 (2-9)
Coach: Gene Corrigan
Captain: Bob Prusmack

M.19Rutgers aL4 9
M.21Hofstra aL3 6
A. 2Yale hL612
A. 9Baltimore hL5 6
A. 16Johns HopkinshL110
A. 23North CarolinaaW8 5
A. 30Navy hL314
M. 7Alumni hL5 6
M.11Washington & Lee aW6 2
M.14Maryland hL614
M.21Army aL510

1967 (7-5)
Coach: Gene Corrigan
Captains: Frank Buck, Bill Harrison

M.11Washington LChW12 4
M.25Rutgers n5W9 4
A. 1Mt. Washington LChL915
A. 7Baltimore aW12 3
A. 10Johns HopkinsaL310
A. 22North CarolinahW11 5
A. 29Navy hL3 8
M. 2All-England (ot) hW13 9
M. 6Alumni hW10 8
M.10Washington & Lee hW11 0
M.13Maryland aL6 9
M.20Army hL7 8

1968 (7-6)
Coach: Buddy Beardmore
Captain: Scott Montgomery

M. 9Washington LChW12 4
M.18Ohio StatehW12 8
M.22Dartmouth hW13 5
M.30Mt. Washington LCaL614
A. 4Brown (ot)hW11 7
A. 6North CarolinaaW13 7
A. 13Johns HopkinshL917
A. 21Carling LChL513
A. 27Navy aL612
M. 5Alumni n3W5 1
M.11Maryland hL610
M.15Washington & Lee aW17 4
M.18Army aL5 7

1969 (7-3)
Coach: Buddy Beardmore
Captains: Pete Coy, Jim Potter

M.22Mt. Washington LCaW8 3
A. 2BrownhW10 5
A. 4North CarolinahW7 3
A. 12Johns HopkinsaL415
A. 19Alumni hW5 3
A. 26Navy hL5 6
M. 5Duke aW16 1
M.10Maryland aW9 7
M.14Washington & Lee hW23 2
M.17Carling LChL1113 1970 (8-2)

Coach: Glenn Thiel
Captains: Jim Potter, Charlie Rullman

M.14Mt. Washington LCaL511
M.28DenisonhW16 6
A. 4North Carolina aW11 4
A. 12Alumnin3W21 3
A. 18Johns Hopkins hW15 8
A. 25NavyaL711
M. 3Carling LC hW11 6
M. 9Maryland hW9 3
M.13Washington & LeeaW19 3
M.16HofstrahW14 3

1971 (10-2)
Coach: Glenn Thiel
Captains: Jay Connor, Bob Proutt

M.13Mt. Washington LCaL1320
M.22Princeton n3W18 2
A. 1CornellhW10 9
A. 3North Carolina hW14 2
A. 6DenisonhW13 4
A. 17Johns Hopkins (2ot)aW9 8
A. 24NavyhW11 7
M. 2Alumnin3W20 4
M. 8Maryland hW9 8
M.12Washington & LeehW13 4
M.15HofstraaW12 6
M.22Navy (NCAA) hL6 9

1972 (11-4)
Coach: Glenn Thiel
Captains: Jay Connor, Bob Proutt

M.18Mt. Washington LChL1114
M.25RoanokehW21 4
M.30Denison n6W20 3
A. 1Cortland n6W17 5
A. 2Long Island
A.C.n6W11 8
A. 5North Carolina hW15 5
A. 8DukehW29 2
A. 15Johns Hopkins hL813
A. 22NavyaL1012
A. 29Towson hW15 9
M. 6Maryland aL911
M.13W&L aW10 9
M.20Army (NCAA) hW10 3
M.27Cortland (NCAA)aW14 7 J. 3Johns Hopkins(NCAA) n13W1312

1973 (10-4)
Coach: Glenn Thiel
Captains: Tom Duquette, Bruce Mangels, Jim Ulman

M.17RoanokehW21 7
M.22Brown n6W16 7
M.24Carling LC (2ot)n6W6 5
M.25Maryland n6W10 9
M.31Towson aW13 9
A. 7DukeaW15 6
A. 10North Carolina hW14 6
A. 14Johns Hopkins aL914
A. 21NavyhW11 9
A. 28UMBChW16 6
M. 5MarylandhL717
M.13Washington & LeeaL1115
M.19Hofstra(NCAA) aW12 5
M.26Johns Hopkins(NCAA)aL912

1974 (5-4)
Coach: Glenn Thiel
Captains: Doug Cooper, Greg Montgomery, Boo Smith

M.16Johns Hopkins hW1510
M.30Penn State aW13 4
A. 3North Carolina aW1711
A. 7DukehW9 5
A. 13Maryland aL1325
A. 20Washington & LeehL1113
A. 27NavyaW13 9
M. 4Towson aL418
M.18Cornell(NCAA) aL815

1975 (7-4)
Coach: Glenn Thiel
Captain: Rodney Rullman

M. 8William & Mary aW14 5
M.22Johns Hopkins (2ot)aL910
M.26Ohio Wesleyan hW15 8
A. 2Baltimore hW1914
A. 9North Carolina hW10 6
A. 12DukeaW22 8
A. 19Maryland hW1413
A. 23Towson aW1215
M. 3NavyhL1115
M.17Washington & LeeaL5 9

1976 (5-5)
Coach: Glenn Thiel
Captain: Paul Marchiano

M.13DukehW21 3
M.20Roanoke n7 NC1011
M.22Franklin & MarshallhW19 6
M.31North Carolina aL1013
A. 3Washington College aW21 8
A. 10Johns Hopkins hL914
A. 17Maryland (2ot) aL1524
A. 21Towson (2ot)h NC1615
A. 24William & Mary hW15 8
M. 1NavyaL1215
M.15Washington & LeehL915

1977 (7-5)
Coach: Glenn Thiel
Captain: Don Donovan, Rich Kroll

M.12Connecticut hW17 3
M.19North Carolina hW15 7
M.22RoanokehW7 6
M.26UMBC (2ot) aW10 9
M.30Virginia Tech hW21 4
A. 2Washington College hW2010
A. 9Johns Hopkins aL915
A. 16Maryland hL1222
A. 19William & Mary aW8 7
A. 23Washington & LeeaL1013
A. 30NavyhL812
M. 4Towson aL1011

1978 (6-5)
Coach: Jim Adams
Captain: Kris Snider

M.11DukeaW19 8
M.18North Carolina (2ot) aW9 8
M.29DenisonhW14 8
A. 1N.C. State hL1924
A. 8Johns Hopkins hL717
A. 15Maryland aL813
A. 22Washington & LeehW14 6
A. 29NavyaL815
M. 4Virginia Tech aW20 4
M.17Maryland(NCAA) aL1015

1979 (9-4)
Coach: Jim Adams
Captains: Dave Johnson, John Sommi

M.13New Hampshire hW19 7
M.17North Carolina hW8 5
M.20Bowling Green hW18 3
M.24HofstraaW13 5
M.31N.C. State aW1312
A. 7Johns Hopkins aL813
A. 14Maryland hL1317
A. 22Washington & LeeaW16 9
A. 29NavyhL811
M. 2Virginia Tech hW27 7
M.16Cornell(NCAA) hW15 8
M.19Johns Hopkins(NCAA)aL716 1980 (12-2)

1980 Coach: Jim Adams Captains: John Driscoll, Kevin O'Shea, Tony Savarese

M. 8DukehW17 4
M.11New Hampshire hW12 6
M.15North Carolina aL514
M.18William & Mary hW27 5
M.22HofstraaW10 5
M.29N.C. State hW13 4
A. 5Johns Hopkins hW12 9
A. 12Maryland aW8 7
A. 20Washington & LeehW13 8
A. 26NavyaW12 9
A. 30Virginia Tech aW23 4
M.21Cornell(NCAA) (ot) hW9 8
M.24N. Caro.(NCAA) (2ot) hW1110
M.31 J. Hopkins(NCAA) (2ot) aL8 9

1981 (9-4)
Coach: Jim Adams
Captain: Steve Kraus

M. 7DukeaW13 4
M.14North Carolina hL611
M.17New Hampshire hW11 9
M.28N.C. State aW1611
A. 4Johns Hopkins aL1315
A. 11Maryland hW2312
A. 18Washington & LeeaW9 6
A. 26NavyhL1213
A. 29Virginia Tech hW22 3
M. 1William & Mary aW19 4
M.20Massachusetts (NCAA) hW1612
M.23Johns Hopkins (NCAA) aL610

1982 (10-3)
Coach: Jim Adams
Captains: Rick Giusto, Lou Ruland, Mike Sotir

M.13North Carolina aL915
M.20HofstraaW16 8
M.23DukehW15 8
M.27N.C. State hW1911
A. 3Johns Hopkins (ot) hL1112
A. 10Maryland aW1411
A. 18Washington & LeehW22 8
A. 24NavyaW2615
A. 27Virginia Tech aW26 1
M. 1Loyola hW18 7
M. 5UMBCaW9 8
M.19Adelphi(NCAA) hW15 7
M.22Johns Hopkins (NCAA) aL913

1983 (10-2)
Coach: Jim Adams
Captains: Steve Byrne, Mike Caravana, J.B. Meyer

M.13Brown n8W10 6
M.19UMBChW10 7
M.22RoanokehW10 5
M.26DukeaW15 4
A. 2Johns Hopkins aL612
A. 9Maryland hW17 8
A. 17Washington & LeeaW19 7
A. 23NavyhW1410
A. 30North Carolina hW1610
M. 4Virginia Tech hW26 2
M.14Loyola aW2413
M.18Maryland (NCAA)hL413

1984 (10-3)
Coach: Jim Adams
Captains: Scott Gerham, Kurt Metzler, J.B. Meyer, Ott Mohrman

M.10Brown n2W13 3
M.14New Hampshire hW20 8
M.17UMBCaW9 8
M.21RoanokehW17 7
M.24DukehW19 4
M.31Johns Hopkins aL916
A. 7Maryland aW10 5
A. 15Washington & LeehW13 6
A. 21Navy (ot) aL6 7
A. 28North Carolina (ot)aW1211
M. 1Virginia Tech hW21 3
M.12Loyola hW13 9
M.16North Carolina (NCAA) hL211

1985 (11-3)
Coach: Jim Adams
Captains: John Gillin, Roddy Marino, Jeff Nicklas

M.10Brown n8W8 7
M.20RoanokehW12 0
M.23Washington & LeeaW17 7
M.30Johns Hopkins aL512
A. 6Maryland hW15 9
A. 8Virginia Tech hW18 3
A. 10RadfordhW14 4
A. 13DukeaW17 9
A. 20NavyhW12 6
A. 27North Carolina hL817
M. 1Loyola aW13 8
M.15Army (NCAA) hW10 6
M.10Johns Hopkins (NCAA) aL811

1986 (12-3) Coach: Jim Adams Captains: John Gillin, Roddy Marino, Jeff Nicklas, Chris Walker

M. 9Brown n8W10 4
M.15UMBCaL6 7
M.22Washington & LeeaW16 6
M.29Johns Hopkins hL7 8
A. 6Maryland (ot) aW8 7
A. 7Virginia Tech hW27 0
A. 9RadfordhW20 3
A. 12DukehW13 8
A. 19NavyaW10 6
A. 26North Carolina aW11 9
A. 30Loyola hW1510
M.18Navy(NCAA) hW12 9
M.26 N. Car.(NCAA)(ot)n9L910

1987 (6-7)
Coach: Jim Adams
Captains: John Begier, Scott Lind, Will Rosebro, Peter Sheehan

M. 1Washington & LeeaW16 9
M. 7Brown n2L613
M.11Delaware aL1214
M.14UMBCaW13 6
M.17RoanokehW15 2
M.21Hobart n10W11 9
M.28Johns Hopkins aW9 7
A. 4Maryland hL512
A. 7RadfordhW23 4
A. 11DukeaL1215
A. 18NavyhL1315
A. 25North Carolina hL718
A. 28Loyola aL1012

1988 (9-5)
Coach: Jim Adams
Captains: Chase Monroe, Peter Sheehan

M. 5Washington & LeehW24 5
M.12Delaware n8W14 7
M.19DukehW16 9
M.22VMIhW18 5
M.26Brown (ot) n2W1211
A. 2Johns Hopkins hL1011
A. 9Maryland aW1413
A. 16North Carolina aL515
A. 23NavyaL5 7
A. 30Loyola hL713
M. 3RoanokehW15 8
M.18Yale (NCAA) (2ot) aW10 9
M.22J. Hopkins (NCAA) (ot) aW1110
M.28Cornell (NCAA)n11L617

1989 (7-5)
Coach: Jim Adams
Captains: Steve Anderson, Doug Corrigan, Andy Kraus

M. 1Washington & Lee aW93
M. 4Delaware (ot) aW76
M.11Hofstra aL 1416
M.14VMI hW 277
M.19Duke aW 187
M.25Brownn2W 108
A. 1Johns Hopkins aL312
A. 8MarylandhL913
A. 15North Carolina hL511
A. 22Navy hW87
A. 28North Carolina(ACC) aL57
M. 2Roanoke hW 117 1990 (9-5)

Coach: Jim Adams
Captains: Tom Burt, Mike Schattner

F. 28Washington & Lee hW 145
M. 3DelawarehW 202
M.13VMI hW 252
M.17Duke hW 218
M.20Yale hL710
M.31Johns Hopkins hW 127
A. 7MarylandaW 2112
A. 14North Carolina aW 1413
A. 21Navy aL710
A. 27Duke(ACC)hW 1813
A. 28North Carolina(ACC) hL610
M. 1Roanoke hW 126
M.16Rutgers(NCAA) hL67

1991 (10-4)
Coach: Jim Adams
Captains: George Glyphis, Andy Kraus, Mike Schattner

F. 27Washington & Lee aW 195
M. 3Navy hW 147
M. 9LoyolahW 1710
M.16Duke aW 1410
M.19Yale hW 136
M.23HobarthW 208
M.30Johns Hopkins aL616
A. 6MarylandhW 109
A. 13North Carolina hL 1011
A. 15VMI hW 275
A. 20Hofstra aW 1810
A. 26Maryland (ACC) n12L910
A. 30Roanoke hW 206
M.15Towson (NCAA) hL 1314

1992 (7-5)
Coach: Jim Adams
Captains: Perry Frazer, George Glyphis, Kevin Pehlke

F. 29Washington & Lee hW 144
M. 7Navy aW 109
M.14Duke hL 1012
M.18PrincetonhL 1315
M.22HobarthW 1514
M.28Johns Hopkins hW 159
A. 4MarylandaL 1112
A. 11North Carolina aL914
A. 13VMI aW 175
A. 18Hofstra hW 175
A. 24North Carolina(ACC)n13L514
A. 28Roanoke hW 1612

1993 (10-5)
Coach: Dom Starsia
Captains: Ray Kamrath, Kevin Pehlke, Craig Ronald

F. 28VillanovahW 216
M. 6Navy hW97
M.14Duke aW 1410
M.20Massachusetts hW 109
M.27Johns Hopkins aL911
A. 3Maryland (ot) hW 1110
A. 10North Carolina (ot) hW 1312
A. 12VMI hW 237
A. 17Hofstra (ot)aL67
A. 23Maryland(ACC) (ot) aL89
A. 27Roanoke hW 167
M. 1UMBC hW 159
M.15Notre Dame(NCAA) aW 199
M.22Johns Hopkins(NCAA) aL 1014

1994 (13-4)
Coach: Dom Starsia
Captains: Drew Fox, Woody Moore, Craig Ronald

M. 5Navy aW 147
M.19Massachusetts n8W 206
M.20St. John's (N.Y.)aW 1912
M.26Johns Hopkins hW 118
M.29Roanoke hW 267
A. 2MarylandaW97
A. 9North Carolina aW 166
A. 12VMI aW 227
A. 16Duke hL89
A. 22Duke (ACC)hW 1913
A. 24North Carolina (ACC)hL715
A. 30UMBC aW 203
M.14Notre Dame (NCAA)hW 234
M.21North Carolina (NCAA)aW 1210
M.28Syracuse (NCAA) (ot)n13W 1514
M.30Princeton (NCAA) (ot) n13L89

1995 (12-3)
Coach: Dom Starsia
Captains: Harmar Thompson, Joe Wilson

M. 4Navy hW 2413
M. 8Penn StatehW 2012
M.11PrincetonaW 114
M.14SyracuseaW 157
M.19Massachusetts hW 1311
M.25Johns Hopkins aL 1322
M.28Radford hW 321
A. 1MarylandhW 1211
A. 8North Carolina hW 1512
A. 11VMI aW 286
A. 15Duke aW 1513
A. 21Duke (ACC)n14L 1017
A. 29UMBC hW 269
M.20Brown (NCAA) hW 1613
M.27Syracuse (NCAA) n13L 1320

1996 (12-4)
Coach: Dom Starsia
Captains: Brad Hoag, Tommy Smith, Tim Whiteley

M. 2SyracusehW1715
M. 9PrincetonhW129
M.13Brown (ot) n8W1615
M.16Massachusetts n15W159
M.22Johns Hopkins hW149
M.26Radford hW233
A. 6North Carolina aL1819
A. 9VMI hW385
A. 13Duke aW1610
A. 19Maryland (ACC hW139
A. 21North Carolina (ACC)hL1113
A. 27UMBC aW209
M.18Harvard (NCAA)n16W2312
M.25Johns Hopkins (NCAA)n13W1610
M.27Princeton (NCAA) (ot)n13L1213

1997 (11-3) Coach: Dom Starsia Captains: Doug Knight, Darren Mahoney, Tommy Smith, Michael Watson

F. 28SyracuseaL2122
M. 3MercyhursthW272
M. 8Princeton (ot) aL1314
M.16Massachusetts hW1610
M.22Johns Hopkins aW1612
M.29Maryland (2ot) hW1514
A. 1VMI aW314
A. 5North Carolina hW205
A. 12Duke aW1714
A. 18North Carolina (ACC)hW1713
A. 20Duke (ACC)hW126
A. 26BucknellaW244
M.18Maryland (NCAA) aL910

1998 (8-5)
Coach: Dom Starsia
Captains: Tucker Radebaugh, David Wren

F. 28Syracuse (ot) hL17 18
M. 3MercyhursthW172
M. 7PrincetonhW 97
M.21Johns Hopkins hL10 13
M.28MarylandaL 9 14
A. 4North Carolina aW154
A. 11Duke hW12 11
A. 17Duke (ACC)hW119
A. 19Maryland (ACC) hL11 14
A. 25BucknellhW275
M. 9Hobart (NCAA) n17W16 10
M.16Syracuse (NCAA)n8L14 17

1999 (13-3)
Coach: Dom Starsia
Captains: Doug Davies, Drew McKnight, Tucker Radebaugh

M. 6SyracuseaL1214
M.16Rutgers hW246
M.20Massachusetts hW156
M.23Ohio StatehW210
M.27Johns Hopkins aL1516
A. 3MarylandhW134
A. 10North Carolina hW1714
A. 18Duke (ot)aL910
A. 23Maryland (ACC) n14W156
A. 25Duke (ACC)n14W87
M. 1Stony Brook hW243
M. 5ButleraW1611
M.23Delaware (NCAA) n18W1710
M.29Johns Hopkins (NCAA)n13W1611
M.31Syracuse (NCAA) n13W1210 2000 (13-2)

Coach: Dom Starsia
Captains: Ryan Curtis, Jason Hard, Jay Jalbert, Drew McKnight, Peter Ragosa

M. 4Syracuse (ot) hL1213
M.14Rutgers aW178
M.18Stony Brook aW195
M.25Johns Hopkins hW168
A. 4Radford hW153
A. 8North Carolina aW137
A. 15Duke hW127
A. 21N. Caro. (ACC) (2ot)n13W1716
A. 23Maryland (ACC) aW117
A. 29Ohio StateaW137
M. 2ButlerhW207
M.21Duke (NCAA) n16W109
M.27Princeton (NCAA) n13L1112

2001 (7-7)
Coach: Dom Starsia
Captains: Conor Gill, David Jenkins, Mark Koontz

F. 24TowsonhW128
M. 3SyracuseaL713
M.14Notre DamehL811
M.24Johns Hopkins (4ot) aW98
A. 3Radford aW223
A. 7North Carolina hL57
A. 14Duke aL910
A. 20Maryland (ACC) n19L812
A. 28Ohio StatehW156
M. 1ButleraW118
M.13Hofstra (NCAA) (ot)n20L1415

2002 (11-4)
Coach: Dom Starsia
Captains: Conor Gill, Mark Koontz, Eric Leibowitz

F. 24DrexelhW205
M. 2SyracusehL1315
M. 9PrincetonhW1311
M.12Notre DamehW75
M.23Johns Hopkins hW126
A. 6North Carolina aW109
A. 13Duke hW1510
A. 19North Carolina (ACC)n12W103
A. 21Duke (ACC)aL1314
A. 27Penn StateaL813
A. 30ButlerhW213 M 19Cornell (NCAA) n16W1110
M.25Syracuse (NCAA) (2ot) n21L1112

2003 (15-2)
Coach: Dom Starsia
Captains: Ned Bowen, Chris Rotelli,

A.J. Shannon, Trey Whitty
F. 22DrexelhW198
M. 1SyracuseaW1615
M. 8PrincetonaW107
M.11Notre DamehW148
M.22Johns Hopkins aL78
A. 5North Carolina hW107
A. 12Duke aW118
A. 18No. Car. (ACC) (ot) hW1312
A. 20Duke (ACC)hW126
A. 26Penn StatehW1110
A. 28DenverhW123
M.10Mt. St. Mary's (NCAA)hW198
M.18Georgetown (NCAA) n6W127
M.24Maryland (NCAA)n22W144
M.26Johns Hopkins (NCAA)n22W97

2004 (5-8)
Coach: Dom Starsia
Captains: Brett Hughes, Tillman Johnson, Ted Lamade, Justin Mullen

F. 21Drexeln23W154
F. 28Air Forcen24L67
F. 29DenveraL79
M. 6SyracusehL1218
M.21Towson (ot) aW98
M.27Johns Hopkins (ot) hW98
A. 3MarylandaL211
A. 10North Carolina aL911
A. 17Duke hW134
A. 23North Carolina (ACC)aW119
A. 25Maryland (ACC) n14L1112
M. 8Penn StateaL810

2005 (11-4)
Coach: Dom Starsia
Captains: Jack deVilliers, Steve Holmes, Joe Thompson, Matt Ward

F. 20DrexelhW167
F. 26ManhattanhW182
M. 5SyracuseaW1211
M.15Mount St. Mary's hW114
M.26Johns Hopkins aL79
A. 2MarylandhW102
A. 9North Carolina hW159
A. 16Duke aL217
A. 17DenverhW96
A. 29Maryland (ACC) (ot)n22L78
M.14Albany (NCAA)hW239
M.21Navy (NCAA)n16W108
M.28J. Hopkins (NCAA) (ot)n25L89

2006 (17-0)
Coach: Dom Starsia
Captains: Michael Culver, J.J. Morrissey, Matt Ward

F. 18DrexelaW157
F. 20DenverhW137
F. 25Stony BrookhW174
F. 28VMI hW214
M. 4SyracusehW2015
M.14Mount St. Mary's hW165
M.25Johns Hopkins hW126
A. 1MarylandaW155
A. 8North Carolina aW2113
A. 22BellarminehW2110
A. 30Maryland (ACC) n22W115
M.13Notre Dame (NCAA)hW1410
M.21Georgetown (NCAA) n6W208
M.27Syracuse (NCAA)n25W1710
M.29Massachusetts (NCAA)n25W157

2007 (12-4) Coach: Dom Starsia Captains: Ben Rubeor, Ricky Smith, Drew Thompson

F. 18Drexel h L1011
F. 24Stony Brooka W157
M. 3Syracuse n22 W118
M. 5VMI h W200
M.10Princetonh W76
M.13Mount St. Mary'sh W236
M.17Towson h W139
M.24Johns Hopkins a W75
M.31Marylandh W128
A. 3Binghamton h W107
A. 7North Carolina (ot)h W109
A. 14Duke (ot)a L67
A. 21Dartmouthh W109
A. 27Maryland (ACC)n12 W1110
A. 29Duke (ACC) a L912
M.13Delaware (NCAA) h L814

2008 (14-4)
Coach: Dom Starsia
Captains: Will Barrow, Ben Rubeor, Mike Timms

F. 17DrexelaW117
F. 23Stony BrookhW1513
F. 26VermonthW154
M. 1Syracuse (ot) n22W1413
M. 4VMI hW245
M. 8PrincetonaW1210
M.11Mount St. Mary'saW202
M.15Towson aW1813
M.22Johns Hopkins (ot) hW1312
M.29MarylandaL 713
A. 5North Carolina (ot)aW1211
A. 12DukehL 919
A. 19DartmouthhW117
A. 25Maryland (ACC) hW118
A. 27Duke (ACC) hL 911
M.11UMBC (NCAA)hW109
M.17Maryland (NCAA) (ot) n26W 87
M.24Syracuse (NCAA) (2ot)n27L1112

2009 (15-3)
Coach: Dom Starsia
Captains: Danny Glading, Max Pomper, Mike Timms

F. 14Drexel hW137
F. 16Bryant hW104
F. 21Stony BrookaW2010
F. 24Mount St. Mary'shW102
F. 27SyracuseaW132
M. 3VMI aW193
M. 8CornellhW1410
M.14Towson hW112
M.21Johns Hopkins aW1615
M.28Maryland (7ot) hW109
A. 4North Carolinan27W1110
A. 11DukeaL1015
A. 18DartmouthhW136
A. 24Duke (ACC) n14L516
M.10Villanova (NCAA)hW186
M.17Johns Hopkins (NCAA)n26W198
M.23Cornell (NCAA)n28L615 2010 (16-2)

Coach:Dom Starsia
Captains: Brian Carroll, Ken Clausen, Mikey Thompson

F. 20DrexelaW118
F. 23Mount St. Mary'saW157
F. 27Stony BrookhW138
M. 7SyracusehW1110
M. 9VMI hW206
M.27Johns Hopkins hW156
A. 3MarylandaW1110
A. 10North Carolinan29W75
A. 17DukehL913
A. 23Duke (ACC) n13W1612
A. 25Maryland (ACC) aW106
M. 1Robert Morris hW189
M.15Mount St. Mary's (NCAA)hW184
M.23Stony Brook (NCAA)aW109
M.29Duke (NCAA) n22L1314

2011 (13-5)
Coach: Dom Starsia
Captains: Adam Ghitelman, John Haldy, Bray Malphrus, Steele Stanwick

F. 19DrexelhW129
F. 22Mount St. Mary'shW226
F. 26Stony Brook (OT)aW1110
F. 28VMI hW226
M. 4SyracuseaL1012
M. 8VermonthW146
M.19Ohio State hW1411
M.26Johns Hopkins aL1112
A. 2MarylandhL 712
A. 9North Carolina (OT)hW1110
A. 16DukeaL1113
A. 22Duke (ACC) aL1019
A. 30PennhW112
M.15Bucknell (NCAA) (OT)hW1312
M.21Cornell (NCAA) n8W139
M.28Denver (NCAA) n22W148
M.30Maryland (NCAA) n22W 97

2012 (12-4)
Coach: Dom Starsia
Captains: Colin Briggs, Chris Clements, Matt Kugler, Steele Stanwick

F. 18DrexelaW98
F. 21VMIhW195
F. 25Stony BrookhW125
F. 28Mount St. Mary'saW175
M. 4Syracuse hW1410
M. 6VermonthW1610
M. 10Cornelln22W (OT)98
M.17Ohio StateaW119
M.24Johns Hopkins hL (OT)1011
A. 7North CarolinaaW 158
A. 13DukehL513
A. 20North Carolina (ACC)hL911
A. 27Pennn30W108
M.13Princeton (NCAA)hW65
M.20Notre Dame (NCAA) n31L1012

2013 (7-8)
Coach: Dom Starsia
Captains: Chris LaPierre

F. 16DrexelaW (OT)1312
F. 19VMIhW184
F. 23Stony BrookaW137
F. 26Mount St. Mary's hW1811
M. 1SyracuseaL (OT)89
M. 5VermonthW1210
M.16Ohio State hL 1011
M.23Johns Hopkinsn22L815
M. 30MarylandhL 79
A. 6North CarolinahL710
A. 12DukeaL1619
A. 20BellarminehW127
A. 26Maryland (ACC)n14W136
A. 26North Carolina (ACC) aL1316

2014 (10-6)
Coach: Dom Starsia
Captains: Rob Emery, Bobby Hill, Scott McWilliams

F. 6LoyolahW (OT)1413
F. 8RichmondaW1312
F. 16DrexelaW1110
F. 22RutgershW1912
F. 25Mount St. Mary's aW146
M. 1SyracusehW1712
M. 8CornellaL912
M.16Notre DameaL918
M.22Johns Hopkins hW (OT)1110
M. 30MarylandaL 69
A. 5North CarolinaaL1011
A. 11DukehL1517
A. 19BellarminehW128
A. 26North Carolinan31W1311
M.11Johns Hopkins (NCAA) hL814

2015 (10-5)
Coach: Dom Starsia
Captains: Greg Coholan, Tyler German, Ryan Tucker, Owen Van Arsdale

F. 7LoyolaaW1312
F. 14DrexelhW1410
F. 21RutgersaW145
M. 1SyracuseaL915
M. 7Cornell hW1514
M. 10Saint Joseph'shW1514
M. 14Notre DamehL911
M. 21Johns HopkinsaW (OT)1615
M.28Richmond hW147
A. 3North CarolinahL610
A. 12DukeaL 815
A. 18GeorgetownhW129
A. 25Pennn31W126
M.10Johns Hopkins (NCAA) hL719
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As part of the inaugural Wahoowa Weekend, spring football concludes for the Cavaliers with an open practice April 28 at Scott Stadium.
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The mood was celebratory Wednesday afternoon at John Paul Jones Arena, where Tina Thompson was introduced as UVA's women's basketball coach.
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