NCAA Tournament Results and Awards

Year  Opponent           Score    Site  Rd.    UVa Scorers
1969  Maryland           L, 0-5   A     1st    none
1979  American           L, 0-1   H     2nd    none
1981  West Virginia      L, 1-2   H     2nd    Brillhart
1982  George Mason       L, 0-1   H     2nd    none
1983  William & Mary     W, 2-1   H     2nd    Gaffney, Gelnovatch
      San Francisco      W, 3-2   H      QF    Gaffney 2, Salladin
      Indiana            L, 1-3   A      SF    Gaffney
1984  American (2ot)     W, 1-0   H     2nd    none*
      Clemson            L, 0-1   H      QF    none
1985  George Mason       L, 0-1   H     1st    none
1986  Loyola (Md.)       L, 0-1   H     1st    none
1987  George Mason       W, 2-0   H     1st    Del Carmen, Platenberg
      Loyola (Md.)       L, 0-1   A     2nd    none
1988  FDU                W, 1-0   H     2nd    Fallon
      Howard (2ot)       L, 2-3   H      QF    Fallon, J. Agoos
1989  Phila. Textile     W, 4-1   H     2nd    Yorks 3, Kelderman
      So. Carolina (2ot) W, 1-0   H      QF    Kelderman
      Rutgers            W, 3-0   A      SF    Maessner 2, Kunihiro
      Santa Clara (4ot)  T, 1-1   N1      F    Fallon ~
1990  Richmond           W, 1-0   H     1st    Crawley
      North Carolina     W, 3-1   H     2nd    Kunihiro, Yorks,
      N.C. State (2ot)   L, 1-2   A      QF    J. Agoos %
1991  Hartford (4ot)     W, 2-1   H     2nd    Reyna, Wood
      Yale               W, 2-0   H      QF    Crawley, Reyna
      Saint Louis (3ot)  W, 3-2   N2     SF    Crawley 2, Wood
      Santa Clara (4ot)  T, 0-0   N2      F    none $
1992  Penn State         W, 4-1   H     2nd    Reyna 2, Bates,
                                               own goal
      Dartmouth          W, 3-0   H      QF    Wood 2, Brannan
      Duke               W, 3-0   N3     SF    Crawley, Wood, Bates
      San Diego          W, 2-0   N3      F    Friends, Imler
1993  William & Mary     W, 2-1   H     1st    Fisher, Reid
      Loyola (Md.)       W, 2-1   H     2nd    Wood, Reyna
      Wisconsin          W, 3-0   H      QF    Wood 2, Peay
      Princeton          W, 3-1   N3     SF    Friends 3
      South Carolina     W, 2-0   N3      F    Friends 2
1994  UNC Greensboro     W, 3-0   H     1st    Fitzmaurice, Nix,
      Maryland           W, 2-1   H     2nd    Wood, Friends
      James Madison      W, 4-1   H      QF    Wood 3, Friends
      Rutgers            W, 2-1   N3     SF    Silvera, Walsh
      Indiana            W, 1-0   N3      F    Wood
1995  Rhode Island       W, 2-1   H     1st    Walsh, Fisher
      Hartwick           W, 4-0   H     2nd    Shapowal 2, Fisher 2
      Brown              W, 4-1   H      QF    Fisher 2, Feary, Walsh
      Duke               L, 2-3   N4     SF    Feary, Leonard
1996  George Mason       L, 0-1   H     1st    none
1997  Howard             W, 3-0   H     1st    Olsen, Albright,
      Georgetown         W, 5-1   H     2nd    Olsen 2, Leonard,
                                               Trout, O'Donnel
      American (2ot)     W, 2-1   H      QF    West, Albright
      Saint Louis        W, 3-1   N4     SF    Olsen 2, West
      UCLA               L, 0-2   N4      F    none
1998  Rider              W, 3-0   H     1st    Trout, Barnes, Albright
      South Carolina     W, 1-0   H     2nd    Barnes
      Stanford           L, 0-3   H      QF    none
1999  Princeton (3ot)    W, 2-1   H     1st    Martino, O'Donnell
      Brown              W, 3-1   H     2nd    Gibbs, Martino, Barnes
      UCLA               L, 2-0   H      QF    none
2000  Lehigh             W, 5-0   H     1st    Kelly 2, Eskandarian,
                                               Totten, Solomon
      St. John's         W, 2-1   H     2nd    Gibbs, Totten
      Creighton          L, 3-0   H      QF    none
2001  Seton Hall         L, 1-0   H     2nd    none
2002  W&M (2ot)          L, 1-1   H     2nd    Eskandarian
2003  Seton Hall         W, 2-0   H     1st    Cristman, Holder
      Wake Forest        W, 2-0   A     2nd    Cristman, Littlefield
      Creighton          L, 3-1   H     3rd    Cristman
2004  American           W, 2-1   H     2nd    Freeman, Hall
      New Mexico+        T, 1-1   H     3rd    Barlow
      Duke               L, 3-0   H      QF    none
2005  USF^               T, 4-4   H     2nd    Murphy 2, Vide,
      North Carolina     L, 2-1   A     3rd    Reyering
2006  Bucknell           W, 4-0   H     2nd    Cristman, Colaluca,
      California         W, 2-1   H     3rd    Reyering 2
      Notre Dame         W, 3-2   H      QF    Cristman 2, Reyering
      UCLA               L, 4-0   N5     SF    none

2007  St. Peter's        W, 3-1   H     1st    Tierney, LaBauex,
                                               J. Barlow
      West Virginia      L, 0-1   A     2nd    none
2008  Connecticut        L, 2-0   H     2nd    none
2009  Bucknell           W, 5-0   H     2nd    Bates 3, Jumper, Tchani
      Portland           W, 1-0   H     3rd    Dimas
      Maryland           W, 3-0   H      QF    Barlow, Bates, Evans
      Wake Forest        W, 2-1   N6     SF    Tchani, Ownby
      Akron              W, 0-0   N6      F    none ()
2010  Old Dominion       L, 0-1   H     1st    none
2011  Delaware (2ot)     L, 0-1   H     1st    none
2012  Lafayette          W, 1-0   H     1st    Bates
      New Mexico         L, 1-3   A     2nd    Brown
2013  St. John's         W, 2-0   H     2nd    Zinkhan, Bird
      Marquette          W, 3-1   H     3rd    Thomsen, Madison, Wharton
      Connecticut        W, 2-1   H      QF    Zinkhan, Allen
      Maryland           L, 1-2   N7     SF    Wharton
2014  UNC Wilmington     W, 3-1   H     2nd    Hayward, Rozhansky, McCord, Sizemore
      Notre Dame         W, 1-0   A     3rd    Corriveau
      Georgetown         T, 1-1   A      QF    Wharton, Martz
      UMBC               W, 1-0   N6     SF    Madison
      UCLA               W, 0-0   N6      F    none *
All-Time NCAA Tournament Record: 60-29-5 (H: 45-18-2, A: 3-7-1, N: 12-4-2)

* Game was a 0-0 tie, but Virginia was awarded a 1-0 victory after winning 4-2 in the penalty kick shootout.
~ Virginia and Santa Clara declared co-national champions.
% Game was a 1-1 tie, but N.C. State was awarded a 2-1 victory after winning 7-6 in the penalty kick shootout.
$ UVa declared national champion after winning 3-1 in the penalty kick shootout.
∞ Game resulted in a loss for Virginia because in 2002, a tie in the NCAA Tournament was to result in a win for the team that advanced on penalty kicks and a loss for the team that did not advance after penalty kicks.  
+ UVa advanced to the quarterfinals after winning the penalty kick shootout, 6-5.
^ UVa advanced to the third round after winning the penalty kick shootout, 7-6.
() Game was a 0-0 tie, but Virginia was awarded the victory after winning 3-2 in the penalty kick shootout.

Key to neutral sites: N1-New Brunswick, N.J.; N2-Tampa, Fla.; N3-Davidson, N.C.; N4-Richmond, Va.; N5-St. Louis, Mo.; N6-Cary, N.C.; N7-Chester, Pa.

NCAA Tournament MVPs

1989 Tony Meola (Defense)
1991 Jeff Causey (Defense)
     Claudio Reyna (Offense)
1992 Claudio Reyna (Offense)
1993 Brian Bates (Defense)
     Nate Friends (Offense)
1994 Mark Peters (Defense)
     Damian Silvera (Off.)
2009 Jonathan Villanueva(Off.)
     Diego Restrepo (Defense)
2014 Calle Brown (Defense)

All-Tournament Team

1997    Ben Olsen
        Scott Vermillion
        Brian West
2010    Brian Ownby
        Mike Volk
        Tony Tchani
2013    Jordan Allen
        Darius Madison
2014    Pablo Aguilar
        Calle Brown
        Darius Madison
        Jake Rozhansky
        Kyler Sullivan
        Sheldon Sullivan

NCAA Tournament Records

Nate Friends
    6 career goals in the
    Final Four (5 in 1993)
Damian Silvera
    10 career assists
A.J. Wood
    13 career goals,
    29 career points (tied