Virginia Drops 62-55 Decision to South Dakota State in Opening Round at Junkanoo Jam



Nov. 24, 2006

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Debbie Ryan, Virginia head coach
On fast tempo and missed shots:
"Shots just wouldn't fall at all. We were right in the middle of the paint 90 percent of the time, and we just couldn't get shots to fall. Taking Siedah (Williams) out the line-up makes us very, very thin. It was just a struggle from the time that she went out until the time we finished the game. We got a couple of leads, but we couldn't sustain anything over a period of time. It's very difficult to do with so many people out."

On overcoming team's injuries:
"It's been very tough. We started with Aisha (Mohammed) going down. You start with your center going down. But none of that's excuses. I still have to play the game, and we have to have other people step up. We just didn't get that today. We're expecting freshmen to step up all the time. They're not even through the first semester, and they're really struggling with handling such big roles. That's really been a problem. We just can't seem to get Monica (Wright) on track. It's tough; it's a lot of stuff you have to deal with."

On Siedah Williams' injury:
"Well, she's not good. It could be a fracture, so that's really what they're concerned about right now. She couldn't go today, and it's not a good situation. We're just going to have to wait and see."

Were you surprised by SDSU's athleticism:
"No, we weren't surprised at all. They're very athletic; they're very strong; they play a very physical brand of ball. That bothered a little bit; out first-years haven't seen that yet, because we really haven't played a physical ball club yet. This is the first game we've played that's been really physical. I just think we've just had so many things happen in the last week that it's been difficult to adjust to. Our freshmen just have to step up more. It's hard for them, because they're still really getting into the groove."



Is another game tomorrow a good challenge:
"Well, sure. You play the season to play the season. You can't be worried about what just happened; you have to move on and do better. We executed at times today extremely well, then we couldn't finish at the other end. We got bothered by the physical nature of the game a little but. Then we came back and weren't bothered by it. It's really a matter of being able to step up and face situations. Your offense's going to run, you're going to get good shots; and you've got to put shots down."

Junior Sharnee Zoll
On adjusting after Siedah's injury:
"It was really tough. She's not only a vocal leader, but she leads by example for our team. She brings a lot of energy to the team. When she went out, it was hard for us to keep that energy and physicality down low and everything that Siedah brings."

On SDSU's physical game:
"They're really physical. I think that bothered us a little bit. We haven't played a team that physical yet. We will in the ACC, but we hadn't faced one (prior to today). They are great shooters, but they proved they could get to the basketball really well also. I give a lot of credit to them."

On tempo and better offensive execution:
"It was a matter of me not making shots...lay-ups. I went 2-for-16; that's horrible. You're not going to win with your point guard shooting like that, especially if I'm making lay-ups. If I make lay-ups, then that opens up the floor for the passing game and the post game. With me not making them, it's a held ball."

On tomorrow's Third Place game:
"The game still counts, because we can't lose three in a row. Games like this, we're thinking along the lines of our confidence and the NCAA Tournament. If you lose three in a row at the beginning of your season, that can make or break a season. It's about pride. That's what we're going to talk about going into the game tomorrow- pride."

On playing again tomorrow:
"After a performance like this, all you want to do is step back on the court and redeem yourself."