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Game Highs and Lows
Game-by-Game Highs

                         Virginia Game-by-Game Highs (FINAL STATISTICS)
                                           All games

Opponent                  Date      Score  WL    POINTS           REBOUNDS         ASSISTS          STEALS           BLOCKED SHOTS
vs Arizona State          11/11/04  50-60   L   18-Brandi Teamer  9-Brandi Teamer  4-LaTonya Blue   5-Siedah Willia  1-Jocelyn Logan
                                                                    LaTonya Blue                                       Denesha Kenio
vs Maine                  11/12/04  72-62  W    17-LaTonya Blue  10-Brandi Teamer  5-LaTonya Blue   2-Sharnee Zoll   6-Jocelyn Logan
                                                                                                      LaTonya Blue
                                                                                                      Kate Kreager
at Cleveland State        11/19/04  65-55  W    21-Brandi Teamer  7-Siedah Willia  7-Sharnee Zoll   3-Sharnee Zoll   2-Jocelyn Logan
                                                                    Brandi Teamer
DELAWARE STATE            11/23/04  74-47  W    21-Kate Kreager  10-Brandi Teamer 10-LaTonya Blue   3-Siedah Willia  1-Jocelyn Logan
                                                                                                                       Tiffany Sardi
RICHMOND                  11/27/04  57-66   L   16-Brandi Teamer  8-Brandi Teamer  3-LaTonya Blue   2-LaTonya Blue   2-Brenna McGuir
                                                                                                      Takisha Granb
LIBERTY                   11/30/04  67-58  W    15-Brenna McGuir 11-Jocelyn Logan  8-Sharnee Zoll   3-Jocelyn Logan  1-LaTonya Blue
                                                                                                      LaTonya Blue
vs #24 Houston            12/04/04  64-67   L   18-Tiffany Sardi 14-Jocelyn Logan  6-LaTonya Blue   3-LaTonya Blue   1-Kate Kreager
                                                                                                                       Siedah Willia
                                                                                                                       Brandi Teamer
at Northwestern           12/05/04  76-55  W    24-Brandi Teamer 11-Jocelyn Logan  9-LaTonya Blue   2-Jocelyn Logan  2-Jocelyn Logan
                                                                                                      Denesha Kenio
                                                                                                      Siedah Willia
                                                                                                      Sharnee Zoll
                                                                                                      LaTonya Blue
OLD DOMINION              12/10/04  72-64  W    17-Jocelyn Logan  7-Jocelyn Logan  6-Sharnee Zoll   7-LaTonya Blue   1-LaTonya Blue
ST. FRANCIS               12/21/04  84-50  W    18-Brandi Teamer  7-Siedah Willia  6-LaTonya Blue   4-Jocelyn Logan  3-Jocelyn Logan
                                                                    Jocelyn Logan                     Sharnee Zoll
ALBANY                    12/28/04  59-34  W    12-LaTonya Blue   7-LaTonya Blue   6-Sharnee Zoll   4-LaTonya Blue   1-LaTonya Blue
JAMES MADISON             12/29/04  98-52  W    16-LaTonya Blue   8-Siedah Willia  6-Sharnee Zoll   3-LaTonya Blue   3-Jocelyn Logan
SOUTH CAROLINA            01/02/05  66-49  W    16-Siedah Willia  7-Brandi Teamer  8-Sharnee Zoll   4-Sharnee Zoll   2-Jocelyn Logan
at Wake Forest            01/06/05  85-83  WO   28-Siedah Willia 11-Siedah Willia  8-LaTonya Blue   5-Sharnee Zoll   1-Brenna McGuir
                                                                                                                       Siedah Willia
at Georgia Tech           01/10/05  61-38  W    22-LaTonya Blue   9-LaTonya Blue   8-LaTonya Blue   3-LaTonya Blue   1-Jocelyn Logan
                                                                                                                       Brandi Teamer
#1 DUKE                   01/14/05  65-87   L   17-LaTonya Blue   8-LaTonya Blue   4-Brandi Teamer  3-LaTonya Blue   1-Jocelyn Logan
CLEMSON                   01/16/05  68-49  W    14-Jocelyn Logan  7-LaTonya Blue   6-Sharnee Zoll   3-LaTonya Blue   2-Jocelyn Logan
                                                                    Jocelyn Logan
                                                                    Sharnee Zoll
at #16/18 Maryland        01/20/05  60-63   L   13-Takisha Granb 11-Siedah Willia  6-Sharnee Zoll   3-Sharnee Zoll   2-Jocelyn Logan
                                                   Sharnee Zoll
DARTMOUTH                 01/23/05  83-70  W    24-Jocelyn Logan  6-Sharnee Zoll   7-Sharnee Zoll   2-Takisha Granb  3-Jocelyn Logan
                                                                    Jocelyn Logan
VIRGINIA TECH             01/28/05  70-67  W    26-LaTonya Blue  12-LaTonya Blue   4-Sharnee Zoll   4-LaTonya Blue   4-Jocelyn Logan
at #24/19 Florida State   01/31/05  77-62  W    24-LaTonya Blue  16-Brandi Teamer  5-Sharnee Zoll   2-Takisha Granb  1-Kate Kreager
                                                                                                                       LaTonya Blue
                                                                                                                       Jocelyn Logan
at #25 NC State           02/03/05  56-62   L   14-LaTonya Blue  10-Takisha Granb  6-LaTonya Blue   4-Jocelyn Logan  6-Jocelyn Logan
#8/6 NORTH CAROLINA       02/07/05  56-76   L   13-Jocelyn Logan  7-LaTonya Blue   7-Sharnee Zoll   4-Jocelyn Logan  2-Jocelyn Logan
MIAMI                     02/10/05  60-66   L   23-Brandi Teamer 12-Brandi Teamer  6-Sharnee Zoll   3-Denesha Kenio  1-Kate Kreager
                                                                                                                       Siedah Willia
at Virginia Tech          02/13/05  61-58  W    16-LaTonya Blue  11-Jocelyn Logan  4-Sharnee Zoll   4-Siedah Willia  3-Jocelyn Logan
#20/21 MARYLAND           02/20/05  63-61  W    29-LaTonya Blue   7-LaTonya Blue   4-Sharnee Zoll   4-Jocelyn Logan  3-Jocelyn Logan
                                                                    Jocelyn Logan
at #8/4 North Carolina    2/24/05   60-89   L   11-Brandi Teamer  6-Kate Kreager   3-Sharnee Zoll   4-Denesha Kenio  5-Jocelyn Logan

                         Virginia Game-by-Game Highs (FINAL STATISTICS)
                                           All games

Opponent                  Date      Score  WL    POINTS           REBOUNDS         ASSISTS          STEALS           BLOCKED SHOTS
                                                                    Siedah Willia                     Jocelyn Logan
WAKE FOREST               02/27/05  57-54  W    16-LaTonya Blue  13-Jocelyn Logan  3-LaTonya Blue   2-Siedah Willia  1-Jocelyn Logan
vs Florida State          03/05/05  71-67  WO   23-Brandi Teamer  9-Tiffany Sardi  8-Sharnee Zoll   3-Denesha Kenio  3-Jocelyn Logan
vs #4/3 North Carolina    03/06/05  72-78   L   21-Tiffany Sardi  8-Jocelyn Logan  6-Sharnee Zoll   2-Jocelyn Logan  2-Tiffany Sardi
vs Old Dominion           03/19/05  79-57  W    23-Brandi Teamer 10-Brandi Teamer  6-Sharnee Zoll   2-LaTonya Blue   3-Jocelyn Logan
                                                                                                      Jocelyn Logan
at #12 Minnesota          03/21/05  58-73   L   20-Sharnee Zoll   5-Jocelyn Logan  5-Sharnee Zoll   3-LaTonya Blue   2-Jocelyn Logan


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