Americans Claim USA vs. Japan Collegiate Golf Championship, 34-26

VIRGINIASPORTSDOTCOM USA won its eighth straight championship against Japan in 2003.
USA won its eighth straight championship against Japan in 2003.

Aug. 4, 2003

SANO, Japan - The United States won four of the first five matches and six overall in Friday's final round to claim the USA vs. Japan Collegiate Golf Championship, 34-26, at Verde Sano Country Club in Sano, Japan. The win was the eighth straight for the Americans. Team USA now leads the overall series, 21-7.

The U.S got off to a quick start for the third consecutive day, ensuring at least a tie after the first five matches. Jessica Reese halved the first match of the round with Tomoko Kanai, 79-79. Team USA then reeled off four-straight wins. Charlotte Mayorkas - the only player to win all three of her matches during the competition - and Liz Janangelo both claimed their matches by one stroke over Mao Kouyama and Noriko Yasuda, respectively. Leigh Anne Hardin fired the only par score for the women in the third round when she dispatched Hitomi Matsumura, 72-81. J.J. Jakovac won the first men?s match, 72-75, over Yuuki Sato, to push the U.S. lead to 30-16.

Japan would respond with three-straight victories to pull within eight. Kunihiro Kamii, Yakamasa Yamamoto and Haruo Fujishima all fired rounds in the 60s to win their matches.

Ryan Quinn would seal the championship for Team USA when he downed Satoshi Sakamoto, 69-71. Jack Ferguson would follow with a 69-72 victory against Takfumi Kawane. Japan won the final two matches when Toyokazu Fujishima and Shintaro Kai defeated Matt Hendrix and Steve Conway, respectively.

Kai was named men's MVP, while Hardin claimed MVP honors for the women. Hardin was also named Mrs. Ambassador by the Japanese team for her sportsmanship during the course of the competition.

"The trip was a great experience for everyone involved," said women's coach Jan Mann. "The team that we put together had some of the top players in the country. They all interacted wonderfully as a team and that was the reason we were successful."

"The Japanese players were very, very good and gave us a run for our money," Mann continued. "But our players came through. They had a little pressure on them. For the last eight years, the US had won and last year it was very close, but the US won 31-29. The pressure was on us to win. They did, in fact, come through, and we had a very good time."

United States 34, Japan 26

Third Round Results
Jessica Reese, USA halves Tomoko Kanai, Japan, 79-79
Charlotte Mayorkas, USA defeats Mao Kouyama, Japan, 74-75
Liz Janangelo, USA defeats Noriko Yasuda, Japan, 78-79
Leigh Anne Hardin, USA defeats Hitomi Matsumura, Japan, 72-81
J.J. Jakovac, USA defeats Yuuki Sato, 72-75
Kunihiro Kamii, Japan defeats Tom Johnson, USA, 68-74
Takamsa Yamamoto, Japan defeats Jay Mundy, USA, 69-70
Haruo Fujishima, Japan defeats Andrew Dahl, USA, 69-71
Ryan Quinn, USA defeats Satoshi Sakamoto, Japan, 69-71
Jack Ferguson, USA defeats Takafumi Kawane, Japan, 69-72
Toyokazu Fujishima, Japan defeats Matt Hendrix, USA, 69-73
Shintaro Kai, Japan defeats Steve Conway, USA, 70-71

Second Round
Jessica Reese, USA defeats Mao Kouyama, Japan, 74-77
Charlotte Mayorkas, USA defeats Tomoko Kanai, Japan, 72-75
Liz Janangelo, USA halves Hitomi Matsumura, Japan, 76-76
Noriko Yasudsa, Japan defeats Leigh Anne Hardin, USA, 73-74
Haruo Fujishima, Japan defeats J.J. Jakovac, USA, 72-73
Toyokazu Fujishima, Japan defeats Tom Johnson, USA, 67-71
Jay Mundy, USA defeats Kunihiro Kamii, Japan, 70-71
Andrew Dahl, USA defeats Takamasa Yamamoto, Japan, 74-75
Ryan Quinn, USA defeats Yuuki Sato, Japan, 70-76
Jack Ferguson, USA defeats Satoshi Sakamoto, Japan, 71-72
Matt Hendrix, USA defeats Takafumi Kawane, Japan, 68-70
Steve Conway, USA halves Shintaro Kai, Japan, 69-69

First Round
J.J. Jakovac and Tom Johnson, USA defeat Takashi Kawane and Haruo Fujishima, Japan, 140-143
Shintaro Kai and Takamasa Yamamoto, Japan defeat Andrew Dahl and Ryan Quinn, USA, 134-144
Satoshi Sakamoto and Yuuki Satoh, Japan defeat Matt Hendrix and Jay Mundy, USA, 145-146
Jack Ferguson and Steve Conway, USA halve Toyokazu Fujishima and Kunihiro Kamii, Japan, 144-144
Hitomi Matsumura and Tomoko Kanai, Japan defeat Liz Janangelo and Jessica Reese, USA, 144-148
Leigh Anne Hardin and Charlottte Mayorkas, USA defeats Noriko Yasuda and Mao Kouyama, Japan, 145-156

USA Roster
Steve Conway, UCLA
Andrew Dahl, Arkansas
Jack Ferguson, Clemson
Leigh Anne Hardin, Duke
Matt Hendrix, Clemson
J.J. Jakovac, Chico State
Liz Janangelo, Duke
Tom Johnson, Northwestern
Charlotte Mayorkis, UCLA
Jay Mundy, Auburn
Ryan Quinn, Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Jessica Reese, Texas

Men's Head Coach: Jack Jensen, Guilford
Women's Head Coach: Jan Mann, Virginia
Team Leader: Tom Drennan, Rhode Island

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