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Virginia Women's Soccer: ACC Honors

ACC Honors and Award Winners


2000   Lori Lindsey
2001   Lori Lindsey
2004   Sarah Huffman (defensive)
2007   Becky Sauerbrunn (defensive)
2008   Nikki Krzysik (defensive)
2010   Sinead Farrelly (offensive)


2003   Becky Sauerbrunn
2005   Jess Rostedt

1989   Lauren Gregg

Amanda Cromwell
Angela Hucles
Lori Lindsey
Andrea Rubio

1987   Tracey Kennedy, D
       Shelly Shreve, G
       Gayle Smith, M
1988   Amanda Cromwell, M
       Liz Gold, M
1989   Amanda Cromwell, M
       Tracey Kennedy, D
       Gayle Smith, M
1990   Amanda Cromwell, M
       Tracey Kennedy, D
       Andrea Rippe, G
1991   Amanda Cromwell, M
       Darlene Del Carmen, M
       Andrea Rubio, F
1992   Andrea Rubio, M
1993   Kim Conway, D
1994   Danielle Desfosses, D (first)
       Kim Smith, F (first)
1995   Karem Esteva, D (second)
       Wendy Hartwig, M (second)
       Dina Padula, F (second)
1996   Megan Boehm, G (first)
       Angela Hucles, F (first)
       Karem Esteva, D (second)
       Wendy Hartwig, M (second)
       Dina Padula, F (second)
1997   Megan Boehm, G (first)
       Angela Hucles, F (first)
       Karem Esteva, D (first)
1998   Angela Hucles, F (first)
       Lori Lindsey, M (second)
       Tammy Westinghouse, D (second)
1999   Angela Hucles, F (first)
       Lori Lindsey, M (first)
       Carryn Weigand (second)
2000   Lori Lindsey, M (first)
       Katie Tracy, M (second)
       Kelly Worden, D (second)
2001   Lori Lindsey, M (first)
       Lindsay Gusick, F (second)
       Kelly Worden, D (second)
2002   Kelly Worden, D (first)
       Darci Borski, F (second)
       Gillian Hatch, D (second)
2003   Kelly Hammond, M (first)
       Sarah Huffman, M (first)
       Becky Sauerbrunn, D (second)
2004   Lindsay Gusick (first)
       Sarah Huffman (first)
       Christina de Vries (second)
       Shannon Foley (second)
       Noelle Keselica (second)
2005   Sarah Huffman (first)
       Noelle Keselica (first)
       Jess Rostedt (second)
       Becky Sauerbrunn (second)
2006   Jess Rostedt (first)
       Becky Sauerbrunn (first)
       Nikki Krzysik (second)
2007   Sinead Farrelly (first)
       Nikki Krzysik (first)
       Becky Sauerbrunn (first)
       Shannon Foley (second)
       Chantel Jones (second)
2008   Sinead Farrelly (first)
       Nikki Krzysik (first)
       Lauren Alwine (second)
       Meghan Lenczyk (second)
       Alex Singer (second)
2009   Sinead Farrelly (first)
2010   Sinead Farrelly (first)
       Chantel Jones (first)
       Meghan Lenczyk (second)

Note: The ACC only selected a first team prior to 1994.

ACC All-Freshman Team

2000   Sarah Lane, F
2001   Lindsay Gusick, F
       Jessica Trainor, M
2002   Kelly Hammond, M
       Sarah Huffman, M
2003   Shannon Foley, M
       Becky Sauerbrunn, D
       Ariel Thompson, F
2004   Sarah Curtis, F
2005   Nikki Krzysik, D
       Kelly Quinn, F
       Jess Rostedt, F
2007   Sinead Farrelly, M
2008   Lauren Alwine, F
2009   Morgan Stith, D
2010   Gloria Douglas, F

ACC All-Tournament Team
1991   Amanda Cromwell, M
1992   Kim Conway, D
       Andrea Rubio, F
1993   Kim Conway, D
1996   Angela Hucles, F
       Jennifer Rawlings, M
1998   Darci Borski, F
       Lori Lindsey, M
2001   Lori Lindsey, M
       Kelly Worden, D
2004   Christina de Vries, GK
       Sarah Huffman, M
       Lindsay Gusick, F
       Kelly Hammond, M
       Kristen Weiss, F
2005   Christina de Vries, GK
       Sarah Huffman, M
       Jen Redmond, F
       Jess Rostedt, F
2007   Becky Sauerbrunn, D
2008   Sinead Farrelly, M
       Sarah Senty, D

ACC Tournament MVP

2004   Christina de Vries (Co-MVP)
       Sarah Huffman (Co-MVP)

ACC All-Academic Team
2005   Christina de Vries
       Becky Sauerbrunn
2006   Christina de Vries
       Becky Sauerbrunn
2007   Shannon Foley
       Becky Sauerbrunn
2008   Celeste Miles
2009   Colleen Flanagan
       Meghan Lenczyk
       Morgan Stith
2010   Colleen Flanagan
       Maggie Kistner
       Meghan Lenczyk
       Morgan Stith


2001   Katie Tracy
2005   Gillian Hatch
       Jessica Trainor
2008   Becky Sauerbunn
2011   Meghan Lenczyk

ACC Player of the Week

1989   Gayle Smith (October, 10)
       Amanda Cromwell (October 24)
1990   Andrea Rippe (October 1)
       Amanda Cromwell (October 8)
1991   Sandra Kwitnieski (October 1)
       Sandra Kwitnieski (October 15)
       Andrea Rubio (October 22)
1994   Dina Padula (October 10)
1995   Liz Kelley (October 2)
1996   Angela Hucles (October 7)
1998   Angela Hucles (September 7)
1999   Katie Tracy (September 21)
       Angela Hucles (September 27)
       Angela Hucles (October 11)
2001   Laura Gaworecki (October 15)
       Lindsay Gusick (October 22)
2002   Darci Borski (October 28)
       Darci Borski (November 4)
2003   Kelly Hammond (September 15)
2004   Lindsay Gusick (September 13)
       Sarah Huffman (November 1)
2005   Christina de Vries (September 26)
       Jess Rostedt (October 3)
2006   Jess Rostedt (September 25)
       Jess Rostedt (October 30)
2007   Nikki Krzysik (September 3)
       Shannon Foley (September 17)
2008   Meghan Lenczyk (September 30)
2009   Caroline Miller (September 1)
       Sinead Farrelly (November 3)
2010   Meghan Lenczyk (August 24)
       Sinead Farrelly (September 14)
       Meghan Lenczyk (October 5)
       Meghan Lenczyk (October 19)

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