Diamond Details: Erica Cipolloni



First year members of the Virginia softball team will be revealing 20 random facts about themselves to VirginiaSports.com this week as the Cavaliers gear up for the 2011 season-opening tournament next weekend (Feb. 12-13) in Buies Creek, N.C. Next up is Erica Cipolloni, who hails from Philadelphia, Pa.

1. My fashion and nail polish always has a sense of season. For example, in the fall, my nail polish needs to be a darker shade (haute chocolate) and my clothes have to look like it came from a fall catalog.

2. My laugh is very distinct and you can hear it a mile away.

3. I'm not white, I'm tan.

4. When I don't find something funny, I'll say, "haha lol."

5. I can read minds. I know EXACTLY what people are about to say before they actually say it, so I say it for them.

6. I can't go to sleep until my dorm is vacuumed and straightened up.

7. I never lost a high school softball championship ... ever.

8. My right arm is twice the size of my left ... or three times the size, I'm not sure because I haven't measured yet.

9. People say I have an accent. I say "wooder" instead of "water" "farhead" instead of "forehead" and pronounce golf and house differently. I don't have an accent, everyone else does.

10.  I snore "like three horses."

11.  I make up my own music videos whenever I hear a song.

12.  I used to play soccer when I was younger. Our team was so good that we played against boys teams. I literally made one of the guys cry and he had to be carried off the field. I was a very aggressive kid.

13. I make scary faces at little kids when their parents aren't watching.

14. I named my dog. His name is Gucci.

15. I think everyone looks like some type of animal.

16. I love my two sisters. She may not know it, but I'm obsessed with Giannina and I love the sassiness of Malia.

17. Every time I walk into someone's house I say, "party's here!!!"

18.  I'm always on my tip-top game with my GTL to stay FTD.

19. I'm constantly pushing my "don't care" button.

20. I hang out with girls who are over six feet tall. Pretty much a smurf for life.


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